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Baseball Protective Screens


Top Quality Baseball L-Screens, Protective Screens, Pitching Screens & Softball Screens

Baseball screens are a paramount piece of equipment for any baseball team. Ensuring the safety of your players is always the number one priority and you need the right equipment that you can count on season after season. Net World Sports’ range of baseball screens have got you covered, with long-lasting baseball protective screens, pitching screens, softball screens and more in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of every team and player from the backyard to the Big Leagues.

Net World Sports baseball screens are manufactured from to the highest specifications, featuring UV stabilized poly netting. This prevents the netting of your new baseball protective screen from fading and stretching in even the most intense sunlight. Moreover, unlike screens with nylon netting, every Net World Sports baseball L-screen, pitching screen and portable L-screen is 100% rot-proof making them suitable for use in any weather conditions. To make sure our batting nets, pitching nets and portable baseball screens can withstand your hardest hits and most fearsome fastballs, they’re constructed from the most durable high-density poly twine, so anyone from Little League hopefuls to Big League belters can lock and load time and time again!

With the huge range of training equipment at Net World Sports, you can select the exact type of baseball screen you need, including fixed baseball L-screens to protect your pitchers during training at home or on the training field, or portable L-screens for training on the go. Another superb tool for any fanatic is the baseball softball hitting net / sock net, which makes retrieving balls effortless and give hitters and pitchers a target to improve their technique using short toss or batting tee drills. For coaches taking high intensity training sessions, fixed and portable baseball screens can be used as dividers to safeguard your players, either during pitching training or in batting tunnels to separate into multiple sections. For safety wherever you go, the Fortress portable L screen and portable pitching screen can be put up and taken down in seconds - without compromising on strength and durability!

At Net World Sport we recognise the differing needs of all players and clubs from the little leagues to the MLB, which is reflected in our portfolio of pitching screens, baseball protective screens and portable L screens for every budget. Each range of our baseball screens has been created with the demands of professionals, amateurs and entry level teams and players in mind. Our attention to detail on the finer aspects of each baseball screen, including the twine thickness and the ruggedly durable galvanized steel, sets our pitching screens, softball screens and more apart from the rest.

The Fortress Nimitz range of baseball screens is designed with the World Series in mind, fit for the heavy usage of any elite-level player or team – the most robust L-screens, baseball protective screens and softball screens available on the market. Every Nimitz screen is engineered from a 2 inch thick powder coated steel frame and 1 inch thick foam stabilized by wide steel feet. These make the Nimitz baseball pitching screens the most strong and stable screens, reducing the risk of injury caused by ricocheting balls or collapsing frames in extreme weather conditions. Covering the strong steel frame of the Nimitz range is a doubled-up layer of heavy duty, #62 weight netting to absorb hits and protect pitchers and coaches. The result of combining all three of these components is the undisputed king of MLB-standard baseball screens, softball screen and pitching screens.

The Fortress Nimitz Edition range of elite baseball screens also boasts a highly practical short toss screen. This fantastic piece of baseball equipment will drastically improve your training for both players and coaches, allowing hitters to hit without worry of any misplaced shots causing injury. Meeting elite level specs and boasting maximum strength frame and netting, the Nimitz short toss screen gives added safety for the pitcher or coach thanks to the extended overhead shield. This stops stray baseballs from dropping onto the head of a pitcher or coach at high speed, which can cause serious injury such as concussion.

For a fixed range of baseball screens that are ideal for home batting cages, little league and minor league baseball clubs, the fixed Fortress range of baseball screens are the perfect solution. Delivering incredible reliability at a more than affordable price, these baseball protective screens will protect your coaches and youngsters from fearsome hits and pitches, season after season, in any weather condition. The Fortress static range of baseball L-screens and baseball protective screens can take the fiercest hits thanks to the doubled-up, pillowcase style netting. Combined with the 1.5 inch, heavy-duty steel frame, the Fortress range stocked by Net World Sports will take a repeated battering and remain in pristine condition for the next baseball or softball training session.

The fixed baseball L-screen frame and pillow-case style net will shield your coaches and pitchers, allowing your hitters to unleash their belters and swing for the fences without worrying about hitting straight back at their team mates. The Fortress baseball protective screen is a diverse piece of kit that can be used during hitting training as divider screens indoor or outdoor, and the Net World Sports softball pitching screen is designed specifically for soft toss training for younger players in the little league.

Baseball is America’s favourite pastime, a sport inclusive for everyone that can be played almost anywhere. If you enjoy pitching, hitting or fielding, why not take your baseball screens, pitching screens, L-screens and softball screens on the go? The portable sock screen and portable L screens stocked by Net World Baseball are perfect for baseball and softball practise whilst on vacation. These portable baseball screens are incredibly practical thanks their innovative design, allowing quick and easy assembly and transportation. This means your baseball screens can easily fit in your vehicle so you can play ball straight away on any surface you like. Moreover, these portable pitching screens are made from the finest materials for unbeatable durability. Finished with the Net World Sports branding, you can rest assured these baseball protective screens will stand the test of time.