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Ultra heavy duty 7ft x 7ft FORTRESS Nimitz Baseball Sock Net Screen. Galvanized 50mm (2in) steel tubing with 1in foam padding. #62 grade, UV stabilized and 100% rot proof netting double-up in a pillowcase style.

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  • Height: 7ft (2.13m)
  • Width: 7ft (2.13m)


  • Net: UV stabilized #62 grade, 100% rot proof poly twine
  • Frame: Galvanized 2in (50mm) steel tubing
  • Foam covers: 1in thick foam protects from ricochets


  • Double bolts on all corners for super-strong joints
  • Pillowcase design for quick and easy assembly
  • Catching sock in the middle collects baseballs
  • Large steel feet for firm stability
  • All edges overlocked with 0.25in rope for extra durability
Professional Standard Baseball Sock Net with Padded Frame

Give your baseball players the best equipment to develop their skills. This top of the range FORTRESS Nimitz baseball sock net screen is as safe as it is robust, allowing pitchers and hitters to practice new techniques in a safe and controlled way.

  • Highest-spec baseball net - #62 grade, UV stabilized and 100% rot proof
  • Robust, galvanized 2in (50mm) steel frame covered with 1in foam padding to protect against ricochets
  • Doubled-up pillowcase design makes for easy assembly and a robust baseball sock net
  • Large steel feet provide firm stability to ensure maximum safety during training
  • All edges of our baseball nets are overlocked for ultimate durability

The rugged 2in (50mm) steel frame is covered by 1in thick foam padding to prevent injuries to players and damage to your equipment, which can occur when baseballs are hit firmly at the frame of the baseball sock net. This means your players can fully focus when they put bat to ball during hitting training and unleash their fearsome fastballs as they perfect their pitching.

With doubled-up #62 grade netting, you know that when you invest in a FORTRESS Nimitz Edition Baseball Sock Net, you’re getting the high quality baseball net available on the market. Meeting the requirements of Big League teams, this baseball sock net will endure the most intense training sessions for years to come.

Pair your new Nimitz Baseball Sock Net with a Pro Baseball Hitting Tee and a batting cage to match. By putting the hours in on the training field with FORTRESS baseball equipment you’ll see your batting average multiply – guaranteed!