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High quality 7ft x 7ft FORTRESS Baseball Sock Net for hitting and pitching drills. Galvanized 40mm steel tubing with #42 grade, UV stabilized & 100% rot proof netting. Doubled-up pillowcase design and large steel feet for stability.

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  • Height: 7ft (2.13m)
  • Width: 7ft (2.13m)


  • UV stabilized #42 grade, 100% rot proof poly twine netting
  • Galvanized 1.5in (40mm) steel tubing
  • Pillowcase design for quick and easy assembly
  • Catching sock in the middle to collect baseballs
  • Large steel feet for stability
  • Overlocked netting edges for extra durability


  • Color: Black
High Quality Sock Net for Baseball Hitting & Pitching Practice

This ultra-durable FORTRESS baseball sock net is manufactured from high-spec #42 weight netting, galvanized steel tubing and wide steel feet to provide you with a sturdy baseball net for hitting and pitching training.

  • Unbeatable baseball net quality - #42 grade, UV stabilized and 100% rot proof
  • Galvanized 1.5in (40mm) steel frame can withstand ricochets from fearsome hits
  • Doubled-up pillowcase design makes for easy assembly and a robust baseball sock net
  • Large steel feet provide firm stability to ensure maximum safety during training
  • All edges of our baseball nets are overlocked for ultimate durability

The double-layer design of this FORTRESS baseball sock net, combined with the reinforced netting, means it can take years of use by professional players without damage. This makes it the ideal baseball net for use in a restricted space or to enclose open-ended batting cages.

The FORTRESS Baseball Sock Net is not only a fantastic way to practice hitting and throwing techniques but also makes doing so extremely safe. The super-strength frame and netting protect your players and surroundings from being hit by baseballs, whilst the large steel feet prevent the baseball net from falling under high-impact hits, allowing your players to develop their skills in a controlled environment.

These baseball nets come into their own when it comes to batting practice; pair it up with one of our FORTRESS batting tees, put the hours in practicing your swing, and you’ll be hitting back-to-back homers before you know it!