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Replacement Volleyball Net (For Portable Aluminum Set)

28ft & 32ft replacement nets for the Vermont Portable Volleyball Set. Ideal for beach & regular volleyball, these twisted PE nets with 10cm mesh are exceptionally durable.

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The Perfect Fit For Your Volleyball Set-Up

Whether we like it or not sporting equipment will eventually succumb to the pressures of being consistently used to a high level. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for this eventuality, so you don’t lose out on precious playing time due to damaged equipment. Whether it's regular or beach volleyball your looking to play, this replacement Volleyball Net has been specifically designed to match the specifications of the Vermont Portable Volleyball Set, so once in use, you’ll not even notice the change!

  • Replacement Volleyball Net for the Vermont Portable Volleyball Set
  • Available as a 28ft Beach Volleyball option or a FIVB Regulation 32ft net length
  • Highly durable, twisted PE net is made from 45 ply twine with a 10cm mesh
  • Both nets feature a PVC banding that runs along the net edges for added strength against ball impacts

Available in two lengths; 28ft (official Beach Volleyball size) and 32ft (regulation FIVB size), the twisted PE netting is crafted from 45ply twine and comes with a 10cm mesh, which provides excellent protection against consistent impact from volleyballs. Adding to the net’s strength and durability, the PVC banding that runs along the net edges allows the net to remain excellent tension and also protects against damage from ball which crash into the net cord.

PLEASE NOTE:This product is the NET ONLY. This netting does not include guy ropes. For the full Volleyball experience, why not check out the Vermont Portable Volleyball Set.


Replacement Volleyball Net (For Portable Vermont Set)

Sizes Available:

  • 32ft / 9.8m (FIVB Regulation Size)
  • 28ft / 8.5m (Regulation Beach Volleyball Size)


  • Net: 45ply twine twisted PE netting with 10cm mesh & blue PVC banding


  • Net has been specifically designed to be used with the Vermont Portable Volleyball Set