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FORZA Practice Volleyball

The FORZA lightweight size 5 volleyball is the perfect for practice drills, and for use in schools. It's soft touch outter ensures a quality strike everytime.

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  • Synthetic Leather
  • Latex Bladder


  • 7.4oz


  • Official FIVB Regulation Size 5 



The FORZA Size 5 Training Volleyball is perfect for school & club practice sessions!

Practice like the pros with our size 5 FORZA Training Volleyball; manufactured to comply with the FIVB's official volleyball size & weight regulations. Your attackers will be able to serve up some ace spikes and line shots with this soft and lightweight size 5 training ball. Don't be six-packed by choosing an inferior training ball - take the FORZA training volleyball to your court and reap the rewards.The all time volleyball greats such as Karch Kiraly and Randy Stoklos spent hours upon hours on the training court perfecting their skills. This FORZA size 5 volleyball is the perfect training ball for those who want to emulate these superstars, and put in the required time and effort on the court. Perfect for volleyball training for beginners as well as those more accustomed to the court, this is the ideal training ball to help you master the trickiest shots.Thanks to its synthetic leather design, this size 5 volleyball is designed for maximum durability in order to withstand an infinite amount of drills whilst remaining soft to the touch for the consideration of players. This training ball will ensure that your crucial sessions are not games of jungle ball. Utilising this fantastic training ball in your volleyball drills will help to develop the skills of your players.

The size 5 volleyball's specially manufactured lightweight 18 panel exterior helps retain the ball's shape for longer ensuring a remarkable lifespan, making it a popular training ball of choice for schools and volleyball facilities. Perfect for all aspects of volleyball training, from spiking to blocking, this soft and durable size 5 volleyball will be with you all the way as you glide towards volleyball greatness.