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FORZA Tournament Volleyball

The expert standard volleyball is the perfect ball to be used in tournaments. It's strong blue, white, and yellow color make it more visible to players.

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Beat the competition with our size 5 tournament standard volleyball!

  • Competition Standard Size 5 Volleyball

    Competition Grade Volleyball

    Our size 5 volleyball is ideal for any volleyball competition or tournament, as it adheres to all official FIVB size and weight regulations.

  • Competitive Volleyball For Volleyball Clubs

    Innovative Panel Design

    The stylish twisted panel shape of the volleyball helps it to smoothly travel through the air, meaning you get the best possible performance. 

  • Size 5 Volleyball | Polyurethane Leather Volleyball

    Extended Volleyball Lifespan

    This size 5 volleyball is manufactured with a durable polyurethane leather exterior meaning your volleyball can be used match after match.


Our FORZA Size 5 Competition Standard Volleyball Is A Perfect Companion For Your Rise To The Top!

For an official FIVB tournament standard volleyball look no further than our FORZA Competition. Apply all the skills you've developed in training to this fantastic competition ball, and show off your spikes and roll shots. Suitable for any tournament or game, this is a professional competition ball which would grace any tournament or game.

While making the ball incredibly stylish and aesthetically pleasing, the twisted panel shape of the ball also help it to smoothly travel through the air. Your floaters and cross court shots will glide through the air like never before with this exceptional competition ball. 

  • Size 5 competition standard volleyball for all volleyball tournaments and matches.
  • Manufactured with a polyurethane leather exterior for increased lifespan.
  • Features a double-layered butyl bladder and twisted panel design for a streamlined performance. 
  • Adheres to all official FIVB size and weight regulations.

Specially manufactured from durable polyurethane leather, its lifespan is significantly longer than the standard genuine leather volleyballs. Wind up for the most powerful thunder shot in your arsenal, and the ultra durable volleyball will be able to take the hit while avoiding damage. Its durability makes it extremely suitable for tournaments as it can be used time and time again without losing its shape. 

Play like the professionals - this superb competition ball adheres to all official FIVB size and weight regulations as per tournament grade ball spec. 



Volleyball Material:

  • Polyurethane Leather for a long lifespan
  • Double-Layered Butyl Bladder
  • Waterproof exterior allowing for all-weather play

Volleyball Size:

  • Official Size 5 Volleyball
  • Adheres to all official FIVB size and weight regulations