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Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee [Blue PVA]

This Blue PVA Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee is ideal for clearing excess water from the outfield. Lightweight & user-friendly aluminum handle features a rubber grip & easy-hang hook. 100% weatherproof. Requires activating before use.

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Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee Specifications


  • Squeegee Handle: Anodized Aluminum
  • T-Socket & Frame: Stainless Steel
  • Squeegee Roller: Blue PVA Material


  • Roller Coverage: 36in Sweep
  • Squeegee Size: 36in x 1in | 920mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 8lbs | 3.6kg


  • PU Foam roller allows for simple & efficient water clearance from baseball fields
  • Robust design eliminates for a smooth application to hard & grass surfaces
  • Squeegee is lightweight & 100% portable with a hanging hook included
  • Baseball squeegee requires activation (wetting) prior to use for best results
  • An excellent choice for a range of grass/hard sport surfaces including tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball & more
High-Quality Baseball Field Squeegee – A Simple Way To Remove Pitch Water

An excellent addition to any baseball maintenance set-up, this premium Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee is ideal for removing large volumes of standing water. Expertly designed to ensure usability is an absolute priority, this baseball squeegee features a lightweight aluminum handle & rubber grip, providing a consistently smooth, anti-wobble application. The roller (which requires activation prior to use), measures an impressive 36in wide to provide exceptional ground coverage. 100% weatherproof & resistant to rust & corrosion, the Baseball Field Squeegee features an easy-hanging hook, allowing you to store it outside ready for the next time it’s required.

  • Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee – Blue PVA Roller will clear large volumes of water
  • Features a lightweight aluminum handle with rubber grip for ease of use
  • Innovative design allows for smooth, wobble-free performance
  • 36in sweep provides exceptional coverage of baseball field for efficient clearance
  • Baseball Field Squeegee is 100% weatherproof & rust-resistant
  • Blue PVA roller requires activation (wetting) prior to use

PLEASE NOTE: The Blue PVA Baseball Field Squeegee can be used on any hard non-porous playing surfaces including tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts & more. For best results, please activate roller prior to use.