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Sports Field Tape Measure

328ft open reel tape measure accurate to one centimetre, with a hand crank for manual recall. Manufactured from easy clean, fibreglass and plastic, weighing just 2.5lbs. Suitable for all sports.

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Extra Long 328ft Sports Tape Measure Accurate To One Inch

  • Retractable Open Reel Tape Measure With Hand Crank

    Instant Recall

    Fitted with a plastic hand crank you can instantly return the tape measure’s reel, even if it is 328ft away from you. 

  • Ulltra-Durable 100m Tape Measure For Sports Pitches

    Lightweight Materials

    The fibre glass wheel, and plastic body result in a lightweight measuring device which weighs just 2.5lbs and is incredibly easy to clean.

  • 100m Tape Measure For Sports Pitches, Stadiums And Courts

    Outline Any Size Pitch

    With 328ft of open reel to play with, this tape measure is more than capable of mapping professional soccer pitches, tennis courts and batting creases.


Lightweight Fibreglass Tape Measure With Hand Crank For Manual Reel Collection

An essential piece of equipment for all groundsman, this 328ft (100m) open reel tape measure is the perfect tool to help you accurately measure out any sports pitch, court or stadium dug out. Manufactured from fibreglass with a hardwearing protective case, ergonomic handle and manual recall lever the time spent measuring out pitches will be greatly reduced.

  • Measures up to 328ft (100m).
  • Lengths are displayed in both metric and imperial measurements.   
  • Manufactured from easy clean fibre glass.
  • Lightweight 2.5lbs (1.14kg) plastic body.
  • Suitable for all sports.

Covering 328ft (100m) can be an exhausting task, but fear not, this tape measure is not only lightweight, weighing just 2.5lbs (1.14kg) but also has a plastic hand crank. This lever quickly recalls the tape measure’s reel, meaning you will only have to make the journey to the end of pitch once, in turn speeding up your preparation time.  Precision is key when marking out courts, which is why this open reel tape measure is accurate to one centimetre or inch, depending on which metric you prefer. 

Overseeing the production of grass pitches can quickly become a muddy affair, but thankfully this 328ft (100m) open reel tape measure is manufactured from materials that are extremely easy to clean. The reel is made from fibreglass allowing you to wipe away any grime, whilst the body is made from ultra-durable plastic.

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  • 2.5lbs (1.14kg)


  • Fibreglass reel
  • Ultra-durable plastic body


  • Reel extends to 328ft (100m)
  • Measurements displayed in imperial and metric
  • Hand crank manually recalls the reel