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Resistance Bands (Pack of 4)

Set of 4 resistance bands each with a different thickness for a varied workout. Ideal for strength training, physical therapy and improving flexibiility. Band colours include blue, yellow, red & black. Protective storage bag included.

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1.1mm to 0.5mm Flat Resistance Bands with Included Carry Bag


  • The four resistance bands are 2 inches (50mm) wide and have a 19 ½ inch (500mm) loop
  • Resistance bands thickness: Heavy (Blue) 1.1mm, Medium (Yellow) 0.9mm, Light (Red) 0.7mm Extra light (Black) 0.5mm


  • Loop bands are manufactured from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
  • Flat bands maximise storage space.


  • Includes 1 x blue band, 1 x yellow band, 1 x red band & 1 x black band
  • Supplied with protective storage bag.
  • Features Net World Sports logo
Heavy, Medium, Light and Extra Light Colour Coded Resistance Bands

Add a new layer of intensity to your workouts with this set of coloured fitness resistance bands. Each band is colour coded so that you will instantly know how much resistance will be offered. The blue loop band is the thickest at 1.1mm followed by the yellow at 0.9mm, red at 0.7mm and the black is the thinnest at 0.5mm, all of which can be stored in the included carry bag. Whether you plan to use exercise resistance bands for strength training, physical therapy or stretches your workouts will become more rewarding when you apply these conditioning bands to your exercise regime.

  • Set of four colour coded loop bands for added resistance during workouts, strength training, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Varying resistance band thickness including blue 1.1mm thick, yellow 0.9mm, red 0.7mm & black is 0.5mm to create different resistance levels.
  • Each flat band is 50mm (2 inches) wide with a 500mm (19½ inch) loop to suit a wide variety of exercises.
  • Manufactured from durable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) the stretch bands will return to their original shape after use.
  • Drawstring storage bag included.

Manufactured from high quality TPE plastic our 2 inch (50mm) resistance bands will always snap back to it's original shape after use thanks to the elastic properties of TPE. The durable resistance bands have a 19½ inch (500m) loop which allows you to increase the effectiveness of a wide range of exercises including heel slides, groin stretches and weightlifting.

The heaviest of the multi-coloured fitness bands is blue which is 1.1mm thick followed by the yellow medium band at 0.9mm, light, red is 0.7mm and extra light, black is 0.5mm. The various thicknesses allow you to gradually build up your strength and train different parts of your body during gym workouts, Pilates and yoga. Workout bands are also a great recovery tool. The strengthening bands can be used to target hamstrings, joints, large, and small muscle groups which is ideal for physio therapy sessions aimed to improve mobility or flexibility.