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25½ Inch Yoga Ball with Pump

Blue yoga ball made from PVC with anti-burst technology and foot pump included. 25½ inch diameter exercise and gym ball can be used for yoga, core workouts and recovery sessions.

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25½ Inch Anti-Burst PVC Exercise Ball & Foot Pump For Core Workouts


  • Exercise ball is 25½ inches (65cm) in diameter


  • Manufactured from anti-burst PVC plastic


  • Includes pump for self-inflation
  • Color – Blue
  • Ideal for a variety of fitness exercises
  • Features Net World Sports logo
25½ Inch Yoga Ball And Foot Pump Manufactured From Anti-Burst PVC

The Net World Sports 25½ inch (65cm) Yoga Ball should be the foundation of any Pilates or yoga workout. Manufactured from anti-burst PVC plastic our exercise ball allows you to add a new level of depth to your workout routines. Supplied with a portable foot pump, you can quickly inflate your balance ball where ever your session takes you.

  • Manufactured from blue anti-burst PVC plastic.
  • Yoga ball is 25½ inches (65cm) in diameter when fully inflated.
  • Supplied with a portable foot pump for self-inflation.
  • Use this exercise ball for a variety of body workouts and stretches including Pilates yoga and core training.
  • If the swiss ball becomes punctured air will slowly release from the ball to prevent injury. 

Manufactured from tough anti-burst PVC plastic, this hard-wearing fitness ball is designed to provide you with a versatile addition to your workouts. The PVC swiss ball is extremely comfortable and once inflated our yoga ball measures 25½ inches (65cm) in diameter, the perfect size for home and gym workouts. The large anti-burst ball can be used for a wide variety of exercises including yoga, core strengthening and even as a replacement for your traditional office chair!

In the event that your thick anti-burst core stability ball is punctured, air will slowly and safely release instead of bursting, therefore preventing you from being injured whilst working out. Our tough exercise ball can also be used by physios to help those who suffer with bad backs, increase client's flexibility and to improve their balance. 

The supplied foot pump allows you to get your yoga ball rolling as soon as it arrives. The portable pump allows you to tailor the amount of pressure is within your fit ball at all times. The higher the level of pressure within the swiss ball the more intense your workouts become. 

At Net World Sports we offer a range of high quality fitness equipment that can be used at home or the gym to increase the effectiveness of your workout, including adjustable speed skipping ropes, battle ropes and dual sided fitness gliders.