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FORZA AFL Aussie Rules Football Handpass Target Net

FORZA Handpass Aussie Rules Football Target Net. Freestanding base is made from steel with 0.5 inch fibreglass support poles. Target net measures 8ft x 8ft and is manufactured from knotless HDPE twine which features 45mm mesh. Carry bag and u-pegs included.

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8ft x 8ft Freestanding FORZA Aussie Rules Football Target Net

  • AFL Training Net | Powder Coated Steel Frame

    Freestanding Handpass Net  

    The 0.5 inch steel frame of this AFL practice net is supported by two fibreglass poles which are 0.5mm thick. This mix of flexible and rigid poles ensures the Aussie Rules Football target net will not break when footballs hit the target.

  • Aussie Rules Football Training Equipment

    Versatile AFL Training Equipment

    Perfect for handball practice, this piece of AFL training equipment is constructed with 5 separate target holes which are positioned across the 8ft x 8ft net. The varied pocket placement allows you to use this practice target throughout a variety of passing drills.  

  • Ultra-Durable Twine Net With 45mm Mesh

    High-Vis Pockets

    All 5 target pockets feature fluorescent yellow banding to increase visibility during low-light training sessions. This bright colour helps AFL players remain focused on each individual target, improving their concentration during competitive matches.


  • 8ft (2.4m) x 8ft (2.4m)


  • Frame: 1 inch (25mm) steel frame
  • Support poles 0.5 inch (12.7mm) fibreglass
  • Net: Knotless HDPE twine with 45mm mesh


  • Target pockets are banded with fluorescent yellow material for increased visibility
  • Four U-pegs provided to help stability on soft uneven surfaces
  • Carry bag included for storage and transportation
Lightweight Handpass Target Net For Aussie Rules Training Sessions

Made to improve your handpass accuracy, this AFL practice net is constructed with five pockets positioned across the large net which is manufactured from black knotless HDPE twine with 45mm mesh. This ultra-durable twine negates the risk of AFL footballs tearing the net even from close range. Each pocket is also banded together with fluorescent yellow nylon. This vibrant binding draws players eyes to the desired target, helping you and your teammates to remain focused during intense training sessions. 

  • 8ft (2.4m) x 8ft (2.4m) FORZA Handpass Aussie Rules Target Net
  • Five fluorescent yellow banded target areas
  • Net is manufactured from black knotless HDPE twine with 45mm mesh
  • 1 inch (25mm) steel base frame with 0.5 inch (12.7mm) fibreglass poles
  • Freestanding net is supplied with four U-pegs for added stability
  • Carry bag included for easy storage and transportation

The frame of this 8ft (2.4m) x 8ft (2.4m) AFL practice net is kept stable by a 1 inch (25mm) thick steel bar which is flanked by 0.5 inch (12.7mm) fibreglass poles. This mix of rigid and bendable poles ensure this Aussie Rules Football Handpass Target Net can withstand the force of any strong handball without collapsing. Despite the impressive level of durability this nets frame provides, it is incredibly easy to assemble. This short construction time allows you to set up the FORZA Aussie Rules Handpass Target Net moments before a game for some last minute handball practice.

To provide this AFL target net with additional stabilisation on soft surfaces, four heavy-duty u-pegs are supplied. These deep pegs temporarily anchor the AFL target net in position, allowing you to train throughout strong winds without the net overturning. Also included with this Aussie Rules football target net is a lightweight carry bag. The compact bag allows you to neatly store this piece of AFL training equipment at the clubhouse or in the boot of your car between training sessions while taking up minimal storage space.