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10 AFL Hygiene Water Bottles [34FL Oz] & Foldable Carrier

Set of 10 Australian Rules Football Water Bottles with non-contact drinking lids. Each BPA free bottle holds up to 34fl oz of liquid. Foldable carrier is 48cm long and 21cm wide for easy storage.

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Pack Of 10 BPA Free Hygiene Water Bottles With A Collapsible Carrier

  • Ergonomic Fist Grip Handle

    Carrying 10 full hygiene bottles is a comfortable task thanks to this carrier’s ergonomic handle which reduces strain on your hand when gripped.  

  • Safely Share Water

    Manufactured with an innovative spout, players do not need to place their mouths on any part of the water bottle preventing the spread of infection.

  • The Complete Set

    With 10 hygiene water bottles and one collapsible carrier this set has everything you need to keep your AFL players hydrated on matchdays.

Water Bottle Dimensions

  • Height: 11 inches (28cm)
  • Diameter 3 inches (8cm)

Foldable Carrier Dimensions

  • Unfolded:19 inches (48cm) long x 8 ½ inches (21cm) wide
  • Folded: 19 inches (48cm) long x 2 inches (5cm) wide


  • Hygiene water bottles: BPA free plastic
  • Carrier: Ultra-durable plastic


  • Colour: Floro yellow
  • Water bottles hold 34fl oz (1 litre) of water
  • Carrier holds 10 water bottles
Ensure Your AFL Team Safely Shares Water With These Hygiene Bottles And Foldable Carrier  

Perfect for all Aussie rules football teams this pack of 10 hygiene bottles allows players to safely rehydrate whilst keeping their mouthguards in. Fitted with non-contact spout all players need to do is rest their chin on the bottle’s chin rest and squeeze to steadily release a stream of liquid. As players do not need to make contact with the water bottle the spread of germs between team mates will be greatly reduced, helping you to maintain a healthy squad.  

  • Set Of 10 spray water bottles for Aussie rules football teams.
  • Non-contact spout allows players to rehydrate without removing gumshields.  
  • 34fl oz (1 litre) bottles are manufactured from BPA free plastic.  
  • Foldable carrier measures 19 inches (48cm) long x  8 ½ inches (21cm) wide when in use.
  • Once folded the carrier is just 2 inches (5cm) thick.  
  • 5 inch (13cm) deep slots prevents water bottles from falling out during transportation.

Supplied with a lightweight foldable plastic bottle carrier the task of transporting your 10 water bottles is incredibly easy. The bottle carrier features a moulded grip which reduces the strain on your hand, allowing you to carry your bottles for extended periods of time without tiring. Designed for easy storage this carrier is 19 inches (48cm) long x 8 ½ inches (21cm) wide when unfolded, however when not in use the carrier becomes just 2 inches (5cm) which is very easy to store.

With a capacity of 34fl oz (1 litre) each these spray water bottles are more than capable of keeping AFL players hydrated for the duration of training sessions and matches. Constructed with a wide mouth and screw top lid it takes very little time to refill these Aussie rules football water bottles, maximising your time on the training field.