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Tiki Taka/Rondo Soccer Training Ring [3 Sizes]

Fun and effective football training tool for small sided passing games. Rondo training drill ring made from a 6mm fibreglass pole with a 2.7in polyester cover. The ultimate tiki taka training aid for all ability levels. Portable football ball control practice aid with a carry bag included. Available in diameters of 17ft, 18ft and 20ft.

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Tiki Taka Soccer Training Ring For Rondo Passing Drills

Tiki Taka Rondo Ring Specifications


  • 17ft (5.2m) Ring – Orange
  • 18ft (5.5m) Ring – Orange
  • 20ft (6m) Ring – Black


  • 6mm fibreglass pole
  • 2.7in (7cm) polyester cover


  • No assembly required
  • Folds to 30in (75cm) in diameter
  • Carry bag included
  • Fast-release fastening straps for security
  • Suitable for other sports such as lacrosse, hockey and netball
Tiki Taka Ring For Rondo Drills - Essential Soccer Practice Tool For Improving Ball Control And Passing

Rondo training sessions have increased in popularity throughout soccer, allowing players to get to grips with passing under pressure. Designed to improve passing technique, reaction times and composure on the ball, this tiki taka soccer training ring is an essential for any club looking to be one step ahead of the opposition at all times. Rapid one touch passing can be the key to unlocking deep lying defensive formations, and this fibreglass soccer ring is the best way to develop fast feet. Facilitating small sided possession games, players can work on maintaining possession in tight spaces with this innovative tiki taka training equipment.

  • Tiki taka training ring designed to facilitate small sided possession games and rondo training drills in tight spaces
  • Available in three diameter options, the 20ft (6m) coming in black while the 17ft (5.2m) and 18ft (5.5m) come in orange
  • Suitable for aiding clubs of all standards and age groups, suitable for use on any playing surface
  • Rondo ring manufactured from a 6mm fibreglass pole which is covered by a 7cm (2.7in) polyester cover
  • The tiki taka ring is incredibly portable, folding to 75cm (30in) in diameter to fit into the included carry bag with ease

Perfect for coaches looking to maximize the time spent on the training pitch, the rondo ring requires no assembly, and can be simply laid down on the ground to set up fixed boundaries for training drills. The versatile passing ring can be used for a variety of purposes, including club training sessions, pre-match warm ups and post-match cool downs. The portable football training ring can be moved between playing pitches with ease thanks to the convenient included carry bag. The fibreglass ring easily folds, with fast-release fastening straps included for security, before being placed into the bag.

Leave it all out on the training field without fear of damaging the equipment, as the low-maintenance rondo training drill ring is strong enough to last the course. Comprising of a tough fibreglass pole held by a polyester cover, the ring is both lightweight and sturdy, making it an essential piece of training equipment for football clubs who engage in regular sessions. As well as being perfect for football training drills, the ring can also be applied to a variety of other sports, including hockey and netball, making it a top-quality option for sports centres and schools as well as clubs.

PLEASE NOTE - Our 20ft football tiki taka ring comes in a black design, while the 17ft and 18ft rondo rings come in an orange design.