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This pair of Tennis Net Targets will have players hitting balls with pinpoint accuracy; great for practicing hitting depth on fundamental groundstrokes.

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Improve Accuracy & Eye-Coordination To Ensure You Hit Your Target


  • Improves crucial aspects of a tennis player's game
  • Pack of 2: 1 x Fluro Orange & 1 x Fluro Green
  • Adjustable target & removable net
  • Can be used on any tennis court
  • Highly-visible material
  • Suitable for all ages & skill levels
  • Lightweight
  • Carry Bag included 
  • 6 x Easy-Stick Straps for adjusting target height
Improve Accuracy & Basic Tennis Groundstrokes With These Tennis Net Targets

Tennis players will be striking balls with deadly accuracy and wicked levels of depth and ball-spin once the Tennis Net Targets are at their disposal. Simply place the targets behind the net to hit through from the baseline on either a full court, mini tennis court or even a custom court. Ideal for practicing essential groundstroke technique, especially mastering spin and calculating shot depth via forehand and/or backhanded shots.It's also suitable for young tennis players and beginners due to it's versatility; the targets' height can be adjusted via their 6 easy-stick fastening straps enabling them to comfortably become smaller, tougher, and most importantly, relevant to a player's ability or required training regime.For Tennis Coaches, the different Fluro colours are ideal for quick-thinking drills. Have your young stars alternating between Orange and Green, or mix it up! It will improve eye-cordination and reaction times in no time. As lightweight as the Targets are, a carry bag is included for added portability and convenience.