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Tennis Court Windscreens & Privacy Screens

Professional-grade Tennis Court Windscreens & Privacy Screens with ties for easy fence attachment. Screens create perfect playing conditions & give courts authentic appearance. Available in green or black, 39ft 5in x 6ft 6in or 59ft x 6ft 6in & 50% / 90% density block.

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Protect Your Tennis Courts With These Windscreens & Privacy Screens

Tennis Court Windscreens & Privacy Screens Specifications


  • 39ft 5in x 6ft 6in | 12m x 2m
  • 59ft x 6ft 6in | 18m x 2m
  • Colors: Dark Green or Black
  • Custom sizes are available upon request


  • Windscreens (50% Shade Protection): Knitted HDPE monofilament (190gsm)
  • Privacy Screens (90% Shade Protection): Woven HDPE Tape (210gsm)
  • Both have reinforced hemmed edges for increased strength & durability
  • Both styles are 100% weatherproof & are UV treated for long-lasting protection
  • Premium brass eyelets are situated every 20in (50cm) for easy fence attachment
  • Cable Ties: Virgin-grade nylon


  • Optional Net World Sports logo is screen printed in white (custom logo available for additional cost)
  • For tennis courts vulnerable to high winds we recommend the Windscreen (50% protection)
  • We do not recommend securing windscreens/privacy screens to weak fences – contact us for suitability
  • Screen ties are included for a simple assembly & excellent stability
  • Custom Windscreens & Privacy Screens available upon request (contact our Sales Team for more information & prices)
Professional-Grade Tennis Court Windscreens & Privacy Screens

An excellent choice for tennis clubs, tournament venues & home tennis courts, these Tennis Court Windscreens & Privacy Screens block out the wind, sunlight & the surrounding environment to create optimal tennis playing conditions. Coming in two stock sizes, these aesthetically pleasing windscreens are available in a choice of densities; 50% or 90%, with the density percentage determining how much air, sunlight & visibility is blocked by the screen. Ideal for back & side tennis court fences, these premium windscreens are available in traditional green or black colors, which help to enhance the appearance of any tennis court they grace.

  • Tennis Court Windscreens & Privacy Screens – Create the perfect tennis playing conditions
  • Two styles available: 50% or 90% - density ‘%’ determines airflow, sunlight & visibility
  • Two Sizes Available: 39ft 5in x 6ft 6in (12m x 2m) & 59ft x 6ft 6in (18m x 2m)
  • Tennis Court Windscreens (50% Protection): Knitted HDPE monofilament (190gsm)
  • Tennis Court Privacy Screens (90% Protection): Woven HDPE tape (210gsm)
  • Reinforced hemmed edges feature brass eyelets for easy hanging (ties included)
  • Both styles are 100% weatherproof & UV treated for exceptional longevity

Expertly designed to combine an elite performance with supreme durability, these tennis court screens feature exclusively premium-grade materials. The Windscreens (50% protection), are crafted using ultra-durable knitted HDPE monofilament (190gsm) whilst the privacy screens (90% protection) are created using woven HDPE tape (210gsm). Both styles feature reinforced hemmed edges which are eyeletted every 20in using rust-resistant brass. These premium brass eyelets allow for a simple assembly process when combined with the included nylon cable ties. 100% weatherproof & UV treated, these tennis court screens guarantee to be a part of your set-up for years to come.

CUSTOM WINDSCREENS/PRIVACY SCREENS: If you wish to create a custom windscreen/privacy screen with your own sizes, colors or logo, please contact our friendly sales teams for a price today. Alternatively, you can save money by electing to have our logo printed onto the windscreen instead.