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Soccer Evasion Training Belt

Evasion training belt set for soccer training, Improves footwork and reaction time in soccer players of all ages. Fast delivery options available!

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Evasion Belt Includes:

  • One evasion cord with quick release fastening attachments for the belts
  • Two adjustable belts with durable plastic buckles


  • Black evasion belt

Soccer Evasion Training Belts For Resistance Training & Marking Practice

Add an element of fun to your soccer practice sessions with an Evasion Training Belt! 

Great for soccer players of all ages thanks to the adjustable straps, this evasion belt is perfect for working on man marking and mirroring in soccer training,

Each player secures the belt round their waist using the plastic buckles, before connecting the two belts using the quick release attachment cord. The attacker must then aim to get as far away as possible from the defender and cause the connection to break apart.  

To lose a defender the attacker must move faster than the person marking them can respond! These short space multi-directional speed skills can be specifically addressed through evasion belt drills. 

  • Set of 2 evasion belts and one attachment cord.
  • Belts are adjustable and have a secure plastic buckle.
  • Belt and cord attach with a fastening mechanism.
  • Supplied in black only.

This training belt is a great addition to your coaching equipment, as improves footwork and reaction time in players when attacking and defending. 

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