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Soccer Corner Flags (Spring Loaded)

Spring loaded 5ft soccer corner flag poles 1 inch in diameter, manufactured from weatherproof PVC. Each pole is supplied with an 11 inch x 11 inch nylon flag. Available in packs of four or six.

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Nylon Soccer Corner Flags & Spring Loaded, Weatherproof PVC Poles

Spring Loaded Soccer Corner Flag Dimensions

  • Pole length: 5.4ft (1.7m)
  • Poles length in the ground: 5ft (1.5m)
  • Flags: 11 inches (30cm) x 11 inches (30cm)


  • Poles: Weatherproof PVC
  • Flags: Ultra-Durable Nylon


  • Poles are spring loaded
  • Flags will be supplied in one colour
  • Available in packs of four or six
  • Compatible with Corner Flag Rubber Bases
Spring Loaded 5ft Soccer Corner Flag Poles Available In Packs Of Four Or Six

Guarantee player safety with these 5.4ft (1.7m) tall soccer corner flags, which are 5ft (1.5cm) once placed into the ground. The poles are fitted with spring loaded bases to minimise the impact of accidental collisions between players and the corner flags. Each pole is supplied with an 11 inch (30cm) x 11 inch (30cm), single colour nylon flag. Available in packs of four or six.

  • Flag poles are 5.4ft (1.7m) out of the ground and 5ft (1.5m) when planted.
  • Poles are 1 inch (25mm) in diameter.
  • Spring loaded bases minimise the risk of injury.
  • Weatherproof PVC poles.
  • 11 inch (30cm) x 11 inch (30cm) nylon corner flags.
  • Corner flags are supplied in a single colour.
  • Available in packs of four or six.

Designed to greatly reduce the risk of injury, these soccer corner flags are constructed with extremely flexible spring loaded bases, allowing the poles to bend in any direction when struck. This mechanism absorbs the impact from an incoming player, softening the blow to ensure they can carry on, injury free.

Standing at 5ft (1.5m) tall when placed in the ground, these corner flags can be seen from every blade of grass on the pitch. Manufactured from weatherproof PVC, 1 inch (25mm) in diameter the corner poles remain upright during strong winds and will not deteriorate after prolonged exposure to sunlight or heavy rainfall. 11 inch (30cm) x 11 inch (30cm) nylon flags sit on top of each corner pole. The large size of the flags and their vibrant colour helps players and referees to determine whether the soccer was kicked out for a corner or a throw-in.