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Slalom Pole Rubber Base [5lbs]

Super strong rubber base securely holds slalom poles in place. Safely converts spike-based slalom poles to be used on hard or indoor surfaces. Base only - does not include poles.

Frequently bought together

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Base Slalom Pole

    Secure Grass Placement

    The slalom pole rubber base keeps the pole securely in place during all times of use, providing excellent stability for training sessions

  • Football Slalom Pole Rubber Base Use

    Suitable for Multi-Sport

    Easy to use for any sport, the rubber base can provide excellent adaptability to conditions, whether indoor, outdoor or astroturf.

  • Slalom Pole Rubber Container

    Optimum Size

    The rubber base is capable of fitting in slalom poles with a 25mm circumference and can hold slalom poles up to 6ft high

Weights & Dimensions:

  • Suitable for slalom poles with a 25mm circumference
  • Base diameter: 27cm
  • Ideal for securely holding 6ft high (1.8m) slalom poles with a spiked end
  • Weighs 2.3kg - sturdy enough so that it will never blow over in windy conditions, much more stable than other types of base


  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Single slalom pole base only
  • Slalom pole base is made from heavy duty rubber
  • Has hole/slot to accept a 8mm pole spike
  • Colour: Black
A Dense And Solid Rubber Base Ideal For Slalom Poles

As regular sight on training pitches up and down the Premier League and beyond, slalom poles are a vital piece of training equipment. To fully utilise these versatile training aids, a dependable base is required to ensure that each pole is firmly positioned. With the exceptionally robust Slalom Pole Rubber Base, you’ll be able to successfully create secure training drills on any surface.

These heavily weighted rubber bases have been designed to provide a solid and stable foundation for 6ft slalom poles with a 25mm circumference. Each 2.3kg base has been manufactured from a high-density black rubber to guarantee that you’re provided with the necessary support during each vigorous training session. So, whether your training on artificial grass, hard indoor surfaces or in various weather conditions these substantially weighted bases will stay firmly in place.

  • A base diameter of 27cm that supplies an even foundation for slalom poles
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A dense and heavy 2.3kg (5lb) rubber base
  • Provides a secure hold for 8mm spiked slalom poles, as a pair they are the ideal training aid
  • Manufactured from a solid and thick black rubber to provide increased stability

The rubber base allows for 8mm pole spikes to be slotted seamlessly into the narrow-tapered top. This long column effectively provides protection for the slalom pole while the well weighted 27cm diameter base keeps the entire structure even and stationary.

PLEASE NOTE: Rubber bases for slalom poles ONLY. Slalom poles sold separately by Net World Sports.