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Running Water Bottle (17fl oz)

17fl oz lightweight running bottle made from semi-translucent BPA and phthalate free plastic with a screw top lid and sports cap. Fist grip design makes this bottle perfect for casual runs and races. Available indivdually, in packs of 20 and jumbo packs of 100.

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Semi-Translucent 17fl oz BPA Free Fist Grip Runners Water Bottle

Running Water Bottles Dimensions 

  • Height: 9 inches (23cm) 
  • Width: 5 inches (15cm). 


  • Manufactured from BPA and phthalate free plastic. 
  • Semi-translucent body with blue sports cap. 
  • Ergonomic first grip design 


  • Holds up to 500ml (17fl oz) of liquid. 
  • The handheld water bottles are available in packs of 1, 20 and 100. 
Keep Hydrated Whilst on The Move Thanks to This Fist Grip Runners Water Bottle  

Lightweight 17fl oz (500ml) running water bottle, manufactured from semi-translucent, BPA and phthalate free plastic. This handheld water bottle has a moulded, ergonomic fist grip to facilitate easy rehydration whilst running. The tight-fitting sports cap and screw top lid prevent this water bottle from leaking during exercise.

  • Handheld water bottle holds up to 17fl oz (500ml) of water.
  • Fist grip design allows you to hold this bottle securely whilst on the move.
  • Screw top lid forms a tight seal when closed.
  • Sports cap makes it easy to drink whilst on the move.
  • Made from BPA and phthalate free lightweight semi-translucent plastic. 
  • Available individually, in packs of 20 and jumbo packs of 100.

Made to be taken on the move our sports bottle is manufactured from a lightweight BPA free plastic and has an ergonomic fist grip. Each finger has an individual section to make carrying the runners water bottle comfortable from the start of a run until the end. This design prevents the running bottle from effecting the users’ movement whilst partaking on anything from a casual run on the treadmill to a marathon allowing you to maintain your natural technique.

Liquid remains securely inside the water bottle during your run, thanks to the sports cap design. Sliding the mouth piece upwards allows you to rehydrate whilst on the move and once shut forms a tight seal. The handheld water bottles lid has a screw top design meaning it takes seconds to refill.

With a capacity of 17fl oz (500ml) his water bottle can keep you hydrated for the duration of your run. As a runner it is important to know how much water is left in your handheld water bottle at all times. Thanks to the semi-translucent BPA free plastic you will always be able to see how much liquid is left.

Holding up to 17fl oz (500ml) of water whilst on the move has never been easier thanks to our running water bottle. Whether it is yourself or an entire running club, Net World Sports has the right option for you. Water bottles are available singularly in packs of 20 or jumbo packs of 100 bottles the perfect option for supplying tired runners at the mid-point of a marathon.