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Rescue Basket Stretcher With Straps & Lifting Sling

Professional basket-style emergency first aid stretcher made from stainless steel, covered by a high-density polythene shell. The molded runners, 3 safety belts and lifting sling make sure the 2-piece stretcher effectively transports the injured player.

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Top-Spec First Aid Basket Stretcher with Safety Belts & Lifting Sling


  • Length: 86in (219cm)
  • Width: 25in (64cm)
  • Depth: 17in (18cm)
  • Weight: 46lbs
  • Maximum Load: 660lbs


  • Two-piece stainless steel outer frame
  • High density polythene shell
  • Molded runners
  • Three restraining straps to fully secure the patient and ensure movement in minimised when in transit
  • Lifting sling included

High Quality Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher For Sport and Rescue

The basket stretcher styled stretcher is the professionally preferred stretcher you see in stadiums worldwide, that is ever so successful at transporting patients about safely and effectively.

  • High quality stainless steel and polythene shell
  • Moulded runners allow for easy handling
  • 3 restraining straps to keep the player secure and static to prevent further injury
  • Includes lifting sling as standard
  • High visibility color

Manufactured from strong stainless steel and a polythene shell, this piece of first aid equipment is truly heavy duty. With a maximum load capacity of 660lbs, it will never have a problem supporting the injured player off the pitch. Not only does it have an excessive max load, the stainless-steel structure and plastic coating make the stretcher weather-resistant, for those difficult wintery games.

With full confidence of its quality build, you will be able to carry the injured player away both easily and efficiently with either the moulded-in runners or lifting sling. Moulded runners allow for easy handling to ensure your player gets off the pitch to receive further first aid or, if the emergency requires it, there is the lifting bridle. The lifting bridle provides you with another method of safely moving the casualty to safety.

Although easy handling will both improve the efficiency and comfort for the injured player, you may need to make sure they are secured more, to prevent movement, in the case of a more serious injury. Our stretcher comes with three restraining straps to keep the player still and secure, to prevent any chance of further injury.

Guaranteed to provide the optimum level of safety for players and medical staff this stainless-steel basket stretcher conforms with both CE and FDA guidelines. These certifications make this piece of safety equipment perfect for use as a lifting stretcher.