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Pair of replacement box soccer goal nets for FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Stadium Box Soccer Goals. The 5mm HDPE braided box goal nets are UV stabilized and don't sag down the middle. Available in 5 sizes. Sold in pairs.

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Pair Of 5mm Braided Box Goal Nets For Stadium Soccer Goals

Replacement FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Stadium Box Soccer Goal Nets Specifications

  • 5mm thick HDPE stadium box soccer goal nets
  • Braided twine netting which is of superior strength to standard nets
  • Mesh of nets meets regulation 5in size
  • Box shaped nets suitable for goals with tension systems
  • UV stabilized goal net for protection against the weather
  • The premium net does not sag in the middle
  • Available in the following sizes - 12ft x 6ft, 16ft x 7ft, 18.5ft x 6.5ft, 21ft x 7ft and 24ft x 8ft
Pair Of Premium Replacement Braided Box Shape Soccer Nets For Stadium Box Goals In 5 Sizes

Guaranteed to provide exceptional professional quality, the Replacement FORZA Alu110 Stadium Soccer Goal Net is a necessary accessory for any premium goal. Crafted from HDPE to provide prolonged durability throughout every intense game, this replacement goal net is perfectly suited for professional clubs. Designed to perfectly compliment the FORZA Stadium Box Goal, each luxury and robust replacement net has been manufactured with weatherproof characteristics for increased endurance in any environment. Supplied in 5 sizes from 12 x 6 to 24 x 8, there is an appropriate replacement net available for players of all age groups.

  • Replacement 5mm HDPE box shaped soccer net for use with stadium soccer goals
  • UV stabilised box net suitable for year-round outdoor use in all weather conditions
  • Unlike inferior box nets, this soccer net retains its shape without sagging in the middle
  • Heavy duty braided twine netting which is highly durable and capable of enduring high impact shots
  • The box soccer nets are available in sizes of 12ft x 6ft, 16ft x 7ft, 18.5ft x 6.5ft, 21ft x 7ft and 24ft x 8ft

As a result of the densely compacted composition of each replacement net, they will not easily break, tear or fray after vigorous use. Engineered to endure every high impact shot intended for the goal, you’ll be able to utilise this net all year around. Constructed from a HDPE material for optimal resilience, the 5mm twine of these net will successfully resist damage during unfavourable weather. The heavy-duty soccer nets have been made from braided 5mm twine which is significantly stronger than standard soccer goal nets. This high-grade net also features UV stabilizing technology that proactively prevents rot, sun damage and general wear and tear from outdoor exposure.

Whether you require a replacement goal net for your FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Stadium Box Soccer Goal or are looking for an upgrade on your current box goal net, these 5mm twine soccer nets will make a quality addition to your equipment. Suitable for professional youth teams and first teams alike, there are 5 goal net sizes to choose from - 12ft x 6ft, 16ft x 7ft, 18.5ft x 6.5ft, 21ft x 7ft and 24ft x 8ft.

PLEASE NOTE - These nets are supplied as a pair.