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RapidFire Lacrosse Rebound Net

The perfect lacrosse player trainer. 3ft x 3ft high-tension net provides balls with realistic game trajectories that will allow you to develop your passing, catching and footwork. Features an ultra-durable lightweight steel frame that can be folded down for easy transport and storage. Available as a single- or double-sided net.

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Ultra-durable Lacrosse Training Rebounder Net

Lacrosse Rebounder Dimensions

  • Height: 3ft (1m)
  • Width: 3ft (1m)


  • Robust lightweight steel frame
  • 1 ½ inch (38mm) mesh target surface


  • Stability grips are placed on the bottom of the frame
  • Spring tensioned net
  • Net angle can be adjusted at will
  • All tools required for assembly are included
  • Available as a single or double-sided rebounder
Lacrosse Training Rebounder with Foldable Steel Frame

Perfect your technique with this 3ft x 3ft (1m x 1m) RapidFire lacrosse rebounder. This lacrosse rebounder training net is specifically designed to improve your passing, catching and footwork skills to enhance your matchday performances. Manufactured from lightweight but robust steel, this piece of lacrosse training equipment features a foldable frame to ensure the rebound net is portable and easily manoeuvred. The taut net and sturdy steel frame ensure your practices are taken to the next level. Available as a single- or double-sided rebound net.

  • 3ft tall x 3ft wide (1m x 1m)
  • Spring tensioned target net
  • Lightweight and robust collapsible steel frame
  • Stability grips attached to frame keep the rebounder in place during training
  • All tools required for assembly are included

To ensure an effective and rapid bounce on lacrosse balls, this rebound trainer uses a high-quality tensioned target net that provides the balls with a realistic game like trajectory which allows you to practice your footwork, catching and passing. Designed to withstand constant use both indoors and out, this lacrosse rebounding trainer net features an ultra-durable steel frame that is capable of enduring strikes from wayward lacrosse balls. To add variation or an extra level of difficulty to your practice, this piece of lacrosse training equipment also features an adjustable stand that provides more challenging catching and passing drills.

To ensure a high-quality performance, this rebounder for lacrosse features stability grips on the steel frame that allows the net and posts to remain in the position you set it in throughout use. These feet grips allow you to test you strongest, fastest pass without the fear of the rebounder falling over. Designed to be portable, this lacrosse rebounder features a collapsible lightweight frame that can be folded down to a single side (3ft x 3ft).

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