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RapidFire Handheld Field Hockey Rebounder

Ideal for goalkeeper reactions & corner defence training, the RapidFire Handheld Field Hockey Rebounder will transform your practice. Features easy-grip handles with double-layered netting for extreme bounce. 1.7ft x 1.7ft.

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Handheld Field Hockey Rebound Net For Goalkeeper Reaction Drills

  • Professional Field Hockey Rebound Net | 100% Weatherproof

    Elite Construction

    Designed to deliver exceptional durability, the handheld field hockey rebounder has been expertly created using premium-grade materials. The 1.2mm galvanized steel frame combines with 32mm mesh knotless PE net for an elite performance.

  • Double Layer Netting For Extreme Bounce | Field Hockey Training Equipment

    Double Layer Design

    Unique to other rebounders, the RapidFire Handheld Field Hockey Rebound Net features a double-layer netting design to provide an unpredictable rebound direction. Ideal for sharpening high & low reaction speeds.

  • Field Hockey Rebounder For Goalkeeper Reactions Drills | Easy Grip Handles

    Handheld Rebounder

    Measuring just 1.7ft x 1.7ft, this handheld field hockey rebounder features two easy-grip handles to allow coaches full control. This rebound net is an excellent choice for goalkeeper reaction & penalty corner defence training drills.

RapidFire Handheld Field Hockey Rebounder Specifications


  • 1.7ft x 1.7ft | 52cm x 52cm


  • Frame: 1.2mm thick galvanized steel with 7/8” OD
  • Frame features a black powder coating for increased strength
  • Netting: 52ply knotless PE with 32mm mesh (double-layered)


  • Field Hockey rebound net is perfect for goalkeeper reactions & penalty corner defence drills
  • Double-layered design gives ball unpredictable rebound direction
  • Rebound Net features two easy grip handles for added convenience
  • Carry Bag included for easy storage & portability
Double Layered Rebound Net For High-Quality Field Hockey Training

Hailing from the illustrious RapidFire Rebounder range, the innovative Handheld Field Hockey Rebound Net will bring a whole new dimension to the way hockey training is done. A training tool that lends itself expertly to goalkeeper reactions and penalty corner drills, the double-layered netting provides an unpredictable extreme bounce for players and coaches to utilize to full effect. Created exclusively with premium-grade materials, this rebounder guarantees exceptional durability and features two easy-grip handles for added convenience.

  • RapidFire Handheld Field Hockey Rebounder – perfect for goalkeeper & penalty corner defence training drills
  • 1.7ft x 1.7ft frame manufactured from 1.2mm thick galvanized steel (powder coated)
  • Frame comes with two easy-grip handles for added convenience during use
  • 52ply twine knotless PE netting features a 32mm mesh
  • Double-layered design offers unpredictable rebound direction
  • Carry bag included

Measuring 1.7ft x 1.7ft, the impressive rebounder frame has been expertly engineered from 1.2mm thick galvanized steel for exceptional durability. Suitable for use in any conditions, the handheld rebound net features two easy-grip handles to allow coaches and players full control. The netting, which is created from knotless 52ply twine with a 32mm mesh, features a double-layered design to give your field hockey ball an unpredictable rebound direction – exactly what’s required to train your reaction speeds. Lightweight & portable, the field hockey handheld rebounder comes with carry bag included.

PLEASE NOTE: Not only is the RapidFire Handheld Rebounder and excellent field hockey training tool, it can also be used for a variety of different sports including Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, GAA, Football, Baseball, Rounders, Netball & Aussie Rules!