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RapidFire Handheld Cricket Rebounder

This handheld cricket rebounder is perfect for slip, short leg & wicketkeeper catching drills. For user control, the frame features 2 easy-grip handles, whilst the double-layer net provides extreme bounce. 1.7ft x 1.7ft.

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Handheld Rebounder For Slip, Short Leg & Wicketkeeper Practice

  • Cricket Rebound Net With Easy-Grip Handles | Fielding Practice Equipment


    Featuring two easy-grip handles, this handheld cricket rebounder gives players & coaches exceptional control. The handles allow the user to adjust the rebound direction to work on high & low catching.

  • Double Layer PE Netting For Extreme Bounce | Slip & Short Leg Practice


    What sets this rebounder apart from the rest is its double-layered netting. The knotless PE construction has been designed to provide an unpredictable & extreme bounce, ideal for testing your catching skills.

  • 100% Weatherproof Cricket Rebound Net


    Expertly created using premium-grade materials, the cricket rebounder guarantees exceptional durability. The galvanized steel frame combines with the high-quality PE netting for a professional performance.

RapidFire Handheld Cricket Rebounder Specifications


  • Frame: 1.2mm thick galvanized steel with 7/8” OD
  • Frame is powder coated black for increased durability
  • Netting: 52ply knotless PE with 32mm mesh (double-layered)


  • 1.7ft x 1.7ft | 52cm x 52cm


  • Ideal for slip, short leg & wicketkeeper practice
  • Double-layered design gives ball unpredictable rebound direction
  • Rebound Net features two easy grip handles for excellent control during use
  • Carry Bag included for easy storage & portability
The ultimate fielding practice tool – RapidFire Handheld Cricket Rebounder

Catching is one of the most integral parts of cricket which is why it’s so important to put the hours in on the practice field. With the inaugural RapidFire Handheld Cricket Rebounder part of your set-up, you can work on slip, short leg and wicketkeeper catching drills to ensure your fielding performance on a matchday is as good as it can be. Uniquely designed, the 20.5in x 20.5in frame features two easy-grip handles which helps give coaches exceptional control of the rebounder.

  • RapidFire Handheld Cricket Rebounder – For slip, short leg & wicketkeeper catching practice
  • 1.7ft x 1.7ft frame is created using 1.2mm thick galvanized steel (powder coated)
  • Netting is made using 52ply twine knotless PE with 32mm mesh
  • Double layer netting design gives extreme & unpredictable bounce
  • Carry bag included for easy storage & portability

Tailor made for catching practice, the handheld rebounder offers a sharp and unpredictable bounce thanks to its double-layer design. Created from 52ply knotless PE, the netting comes with a 32mm mesh for exceptional resistance to consistent cricket ball impacts. The frame, which features two easy-grip handles for added convenience, has been expertly engineered using 1.2mm thick, powder coated galvanized steel, giving the rebounder exceptional durability and ensuring it’s well equipped to cope with the occasional ricochet.

As well as being an excellent choice of training tool for catching practice on the cricket field, the RapidFire Handheld Rebounder can also be used for goalkeeper training (soccer and field hockey), ball contesting (rugby, GAA and Aussie Rules) and ball control.