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Paceman Light Pitching Machine Balls – 12 Pack

12 x Paceman Light Pitching Machine Balls. The perfect intermediate ball between the Paceman Junior and LTD balls. Suitable for use with any Paceman machine.

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  • Pack of 12 Paceman Light Balls
  • Diameter of ball: 73.5mm


  • Color: Yellow
  • Softer than regular Paceman balls
  • Suitable for use with all Paceman machines
Develop Your Performance With Paceman’s Safe And Lightweight Pitching Balls

Designed with safety in mind, the Paceman Light Pitching Machine Balls are a lightweight but effective training ball that features a range of beneficial characteristics that will help each young player further develop their performance.

Produced to provide a standard speed and bounce, these are the ideal pitching ball for players who have naturally surpassed the Paceman Junior Balls. As progression can only come through working with the right equipment for your ability level, the Paceman Light Pitching Balls are ideal for younger batters.

  • A set of 12 Paceman Light Pitching Balls
  • Manufactured with a standard speed and bounce
  • Completely compatible with the Paceman Pitching Machine range
  • Designed to be a lightweight training ball
  • A 3 inch (73.5mm diameter)

Engineered to offer high velocity pitches whilst also guaranteeing the safety of your players, these light pitching balls have been crafted to have a more forgiving composition than the Paceman LTD or Regular balls. Each expertly moulded ball has been created to push the boundaries of a players batting ability without the risk of injury. Due to this safeguarding feature, your youth team will be able to develop their hand-eye coordination and technique without having to exert themselves with an overly heavy and fast pitching balls.

This pack of 12 is ideal to fill the 12 ball capacity auto feeders included in the Paceman Original S2, Paceman Strike, and Paceman Pro packages, whilst the Pitch Attack’s 6-ball capacity feeder can be filled twice.

PLEASE NOTE: The Paceman Light Bowling Machine Balls are suitable for use with any Paceman machine.