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Metis Ab Exercise Wheel

Develop your core strength with this high-quality Metis Ab Exercise Wheel. Ab roller features comfortable EVA foam handles with a non-slip rubber tyre-like wheel. Lightweight & small, the ab wheel is simple to store & transport.

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Metis Ab Exercise Wheel Specifications


  • Handle Width: 37cm | 15in
  • Wheel Diameter: 19cm | 7in
  • Weight: 0.4kg | 0.9lbs


  • Wheel: Rubber with ‘tyre-style’ tread for excellent grip on all surfaces
  • Handles: EVA foam for exceptional comfort & grip


  • Ab roller is lightweight & small for simple storage & portability
  • Can also be dismantled for storage purpose
Metis Ab Exercise Wheel – Develop Core Strength & Back Muscles

The brand-new Metis Ab Exercise Wheel will bring a whole new dynamic to your ab workouts. Suitable for use on any flat surface, this high-quality ab roller is designed to enhance your core strength & back muscles. The wheel features ultra-comfortable EVA foam handles which provide exceptional grip – even when wet through perspiration. The non-slip ‘tyre-like’ wheel allows users to fully commit to the exercise whilst maintaining excellent form. The Metis Ab Wheel allows you to workout wherever you like & is lightweight & small for simple storage & portability.

  • Metis Ab Exercise Wheel – Ideal for gyms & home workouts
  • Wheel features EVA foam handles for excellent grip when wet
  • Non-slip ‘tyre-like’ rubber wheel is suitable for all flat surfaces
  • Ab Wheel is small & lightweight for easy storage/portability