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Low-Height AFL Tackle Bag [Pro Model]

Aussie Rules football low-height tackle bag available in four sizes. Outer casing is made from 600GSM PVC with a dense multi-layered foam core. Ultra-durable top and bottom caps.

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  • Mini (18lbs): 26 inches high x 13 inches wide
  • Junior (30lbs): 30 inches high x 15 inches wide
  • Youth (38lbs): 30 inches high x 18 inches wide
  • Senior: (60lbs): 30 inches high x 18 inches wide


  • Outer casing: 600GSM PVC
  • Core: Multi-layered foam
  • Handles: Woven carry handles


  • Colour: Blue
  • Outer casing is rip and weatherproof
  • Top and bottom caps increase the overall life span of this AFL tackle bag
  • Please use the woven carry handles to transport this tackle bag
Ultra-Durable Low-Height Tackle Bag Available In Four Age-Appropriate Sizes

One of the most integral skills in Aussie Rules football is tackling, and by incorporating this Low-Height AFL Tackle Bag into your tackling drills your teams success rate will vastly improve. The short stature of this tackle bag forces players to start their tackles significantly lower than normal, in turn naturally improving your AFL teams on-field performances. 

  • This low-height tackle bag is available in mini, junior, youth and senior sizes
  • Ruck pads outer casing is made from weather and rip-proof 600GSM PVC
  • Dense multi-layered foam core provides impressive impact absorption
  • Ultra-durable top and bottom caps increase this low-height ruck pads lifespan
  • Top strap provides easy transportation and allows you to hold this bag in position

Suitable for all-weather use, this low-height AFL tackle bag’s outer casing is made from rip and weatherproof PVC. This premium material guarantees your Aussie Rules tackle bag will not rot or corrode after prolonged exposure to heavy-rainfall. This ultra-durable cover also protects the tackle bags dense core. Manufactured from multi-layered foam, this exceptionally absorbent core will greatly reduce the risk of training ground injuries.

Designed to be used on grass pitches and training fields, the low-height AFL tackle bag’s top and bottom caps are reinforced to minimise the level of wear and tear it suffers. These hard-wearing caps also provide a stable base for the AFL ruck pad. You can also use the woven carry handles to further increase the bags stability by hold your tackle pad in position throughout training drills. 

Please Note: Always use the handles when carrying tackle bags – dragging the bags will prematurely wear away the stitching and damage the bag.

   Height  Width / Diameter  Mini (18lbs)  26 Inches (66cm)  13 Inches (33cm)  Junior (30lbs)  30 Inches (76cm)  15 Inches (38cm)  Youth (38lbs)  30 Inches (76cm)  18 Inches (46cm)  Senior (60lbs)  30 Inches (76cm)  18 Inches (46cm)