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Grass Germination Sheet

Heavy duty long-lasting germination sheets to encourage grass growth on sports fields and pitches. Suitable for sports such as soccer, rugby, tennis, hockey and lacrosse.

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  • Germination sheet size: 82ft x 13ft, 59ft x 6ft, 39ft x 6ft
  • Durable and long-lasting material promotes natural, consistent and efficient grass growth
  • Suitable for all sports pitches or playing fields that are played on grass, for example football (especially penalty areas and centre circles), rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, and grass tennis courts
  • The larger 82ft x 13ft sheet has a plain edge. The two smaller sizes have reinforced hems for extra durability and brass eyelets that can easily be pegged onto the grass for stability
Multi-Purpose Sports Pitch Germination Sheet

These specialist germination sheets are suitable for any grass sports field or pitch as an economical, efficient, and effective way to promote consistent grass growth.

The sheets protect the surface from the weather whilst enabling enough heat, oxygen and moisture for your seeds to grow.

Perfect for re-seeding specific parts of a sports pitch, for example the six-yard box or centre circles of a football pitch, or touchlines which suffer widespread wear and tear.

PLEASE NOTE -The larger 25m x 4m (82ft x 13ft) option does not come with reinforced edges or eyelets. The 25m x 4m sheet has a plain edge. The smaller sizes come with reinforced hems and eyelets.