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FORZA Top Bins Soccer Goal Corner Target. 1.8ft x 1.8ft soccer shooting accuracy training equipment made from 33mm impact resistant fluorescent yellow PVC with purpose designed high impact corner pieces. Suitable for use with all FORZA soccer goals. Quick release fastening straps and ground anchor pegs included. Pack of 1, 2 or 4. Optional carry bag (packs 2 & 4).

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Top Bins Soccer Goal Target – Improve Soccer Shooting Accuracy

FORZA Top Bins - Soccer Goal Corner Target Specifications


  • 1.8ft x 1.8ft (0.5m x 0.5m)


  • 3mm impact resistant fluorescent yellow PVC
  • Purpose designed high impact corner pieces


  • Designed for accuracy training drills
  • Comes with 3 fastening straps and 2 ground anchor pegs
  • Suitable for use with all FORZA Soccer Goals
  • Optional carry bag holds two soccer goal targets
  • Also suitable for a range of other sports including hockey, Gaelic football and hurling

Learn how to shoot a soccer ball into the top corner with the innovative Top Bins soccer goal target. Designed to isolate the key shooting zone of the goal, this soccer training equipment improves the effectiveness of soccer strikers practice drills, helping to send the ball into the difficult-to-reach areas of the goal. Heavy-duty in design, the soccer goal shooting target has the durability to provide countless sessions and improve proficiency in front of goal for strikers at all standards of the game.

  • 1.8ft x 1.8ft soccer goal target designed to improve shooting accuracy for players of all ability levels
  • Quality training equipment manufactured using fluorescent yellow 33mm impact resistant PVC poles
  • Features purpose designed high impact corner pieces which offer high durability and performance
  • Comes equipped with 3 quick release fastening straps for attachment and 2 ground pegs for bottom corner training
  • Top Bins soccer target is suitable for use in conjunction with all FORZA Soccer Goals
  • Available individually, as a pair or a pack of four corner targets
  • Optional lightweight carry bag holds two goal targets

The strong manufacturing of these soccer goal corner targets makes them perfect for both outdoor and indoor soccer training, easily attaching to goals which are suitable for any playing surface. Made from 33mm thick impact resistant PVC, the robust soccer target practice equipment can be used for extra training sessions in low-visibility periods such as night-time and winter due to the fluorescent yellow colouring. Pick out the corners of the goal at all times with the Top Bins soccer shooting accuracy trainer.

Suitable for use with the entirety of the FORZA soccer goal range, the 1.8ft x 1.8ft PVC soccer goal target training equipment is quick and easy to attach the goal frames. 3 quick release fastening straps are included for secure attachment when used for top corner soccer shooting drills, while a pair of ground peg anchors are also included allowing the versatile soccer finishing training equipment to be used on the bottom corner of goals. For storage and transportation, a carry bag with the capacity to carry 2 soccer targets is also sold separately.

Ideal for all dead ball situations and shooting drills, this high-quality piece of FORZA soccer training equipment is available individually, as a pair or as a pack of four. This allows you to set up the goal target in a single corner for freekicks or all four corners of your goal for penalties, helping your team to improve their overall performance from set pieces. You can also add a lightweight carry bag to the FORZA Top Bins, ensuring you can easily store and transport your soccer goal target in between training sessions.

Please Note – Each carry bag holds a maximum of 2 corner targets.