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FORZA Solo Soccer Kick Trainer

The best piece of individual soccer training equipment around. Features weather resistant neoprene waist band and ball holder. Uses a soccer on a rope return system to minimalize time spent retrieving balls. Suitable for any player with a waist between 20” and 36” and can be used with ball sized 3, 4 or 5.

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Essential Piece of Individual Soccer Training Equipment


  • Waistband suitable to fit waists 20” to 36” in size
  • Ball holder securely fastens size 3, 4 and 5 balls
  • Stretch distance of 18ft


  • Neoprene adjustable waistband
  • Neoprene ball holder


  • Designed to offer hands-free and independent training
  • Features hook and loop fastening system
  • Perfect as a gift for any young soccer player
  • Ideal for use with the FORZA Backyard Soccer Ball
Train Your Passing And Reactions With This Soccer Training Belt

Perfect for any player looking to improve as an individual, this piece of soccer training equipment is specifically designed to offer hands-free and independent training by reducing the time spent collecting balls. Perfect as a gift for any young player, this soccer skills trainer can improve you passing, control and reactions to help develop your overall game. Featuring a neoprene tethered ball holder attached with an elasticated cord to the neoprene belt, this soccer kick up trainer is built to last.

  • Features neoprene adjustable waistband that fits 20” to 36” waists
  • Include neoprene ball holder that securely holds size 3, 4 and 5 balls
  • Elastic attachment allows ball to travel up to 18” away
  • Specifically designed to provide hands-free and independent training
  • Ideal for use in the backyard or at a park
  • Available as trainer belt only or with FORZA backyard soccer ball & pump

Manufactured from hard-wearing neoprene, this solo soccer training aid provides long lasting quality no matter the weather. Featuring waterproof and weather resistant qualities, this piece of soccer training gear excels in the harshest of elements and allows high-quality individual training sessions season after season. Supplied with an adjustable neoprene waist belt, this soccer kick return trainer is suitable for use by any player of any age with a waist size between 20” and 36”.

Designed to eliminate the need of retrieving the ball, this essential piece of soccer trainer kit uses a securely fastened soccer on a string that has been elasticated to provide realistic game-like ball trajectories to help improve reactions and control. The soccer training belt ensures that the ball returns to the prospective player at an appropriate height for control and is ideal for close control training.

With a hook and loop fastening system on the soccer holder and training belt, this soccer trainer is easily set up to ensure that you can start practicing faster. With the securely fastened soccer on a bungee cord like return system, the balls return speed is proportionate to the speed that it is kicked and therefore is capable of providing more difficult individual training sessions the harder the ball is kicked.

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