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FORZA Soccer Free Kick Mannequins

FORZA Soccer Free Kick Mannequins for set-piece training. Heavy-duty florescent yellow training dummies with a 60cm wide molded chest plate. Features steel ground spikes for insertion into grass. Mini (4ft), junior (5ft 4in), senior (6ft) sizes available in packs of 1 or 3. For Carry Bag, select below.

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Soccer Free-Kick Mannequins For Set-Piece Training Drills

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FORZA Soccer Free-Kick Mannequins – Heavy-Duty Training Dummies For Set-Piece Practice

Develop deadly set-piece technique with the FORZA Soccer Free-Kick Mannequins. This essential soccer training equipment is suitable for use by clubs and players of all abilities, made from high quality materials to guarantee premium performance. Designed to provide a challenging obstacle to bend the ball around, the soccer mannequins are the best way to improve free-kick taking abilities.

  • Choose between a mini (4ft high), junior (5ft 4in high) or senior (6ft high) soccer free-kick mannequin
  • Manufactured from exceptionally heavy-duty PVC with a 60cm wide molded chest plate for durability
  • Incredibly easy to insert into soft surfaces such as grass due to the four steel spikes on the base
  • Florescent yellow free-kick mannequins which offer superb visibility for night and winter training
  • With pack of 1 or 3 to choose from, you can construct a defensive wall for your free-kick practice

Due to its easy-to-spot florescent yellow design, the highly visible soccer training mannequins are guaranteed to stand out on your training pitch. This bright coloring makes the soccer dummies perfect for year-round use, as well as during periods of low-visibility. Incredibly strong as well as visible, the heavy duty free-kick mannequins for soccer have been made with a 60cm wide moulded PVC chest plate designed to handle any impact from soccer balls.

Featuring four integrated ground spikes on the base, the soccer set-piece mannequins insert into soft grass surfaces with the greatest of ease. The mannequins can be adapted into an astroturf training tool by adding our FORZA Rubber Base For Free Kick Mannequins (sold separately), which have been expertly designed to fit the diameter of the steel spikes for use on artificial surfaces.

There are three sizes of soccer free-kick mannequin to choose from. Our 4ft tall kids mini mannequin is perfect for youngsters who require a small soccer dummy when learning the basics of set-piece taking. For a junior free-kick training aid, the 5ft 4in is perfectly sized for youth teams, while the 6ft option is a full-size soccer free-kick mannequin for senior soccer players. To add a challenge to your training, select the pack of 3 soccer mannequins and replicate real-match scenarios with a defensive wall and work on various free-kick techniques.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require a heavy-duty Carry Bag for a junior or senior sized FORZA Soccer Free Kick Mannequins, please select accordingly above.


FORZA Soccer Free-Kick Mannequin Specifications

Free Kick Mannequin Size:

  • Mini mannequins 4ft
  • Junior mannequins 5ft 4in
  • Senior mannequins 6ft


  • Free kick mannequins are available individually or as a set of 3


  • Each mannequin has a sturdy PVC body with a molded chest plate (24in wide)


  • Each mannequin also incorporates 4 ground spikes so they can be solidly skewered onto soft surfaces such as grass
  • For even greater stability, these free kick mannequins can also be used with weighted rubber bases (sold separately by Net World Sports)