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Heavy duty replacement wheel for the FIH FORZA Championship Field Hockey Goal. The tyre is manufactured from UV stabilised micro-cellular polyurethane with a high-quality polypropylene wheel. The extra wide wheel is 3½ inches thick with a diameter of 10 inches.

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Puncture Proof Replacement Wheel For Portable Field Hockey Goals

FIH FORZA Championship Field Hockey Goal Wheel


  • Wheels measure 10 inches (260mm) in diameter with a width of 3½ inches (85mm)   


  • Tyre: Micro-cellular polyurethane
  • Wheel: Polypropylene


  • Heavy duty puncture proof design
  • 485lbs (220kg) load capacity
  • UV stabilised and suitable for all conditions.
  • Extra wide wheels with diamond tread to prevent sinking into muddy surfaces.
  • Greased internal bearings for smooth rotational operation.
  • Suitable for use on any surface


  • Single goal wheel only.
Replacement Weatherproof Wheel For The FIH FORZA Championship Field Hockey Goal

Specifically designed to fit the deluxe FIH FORZA Championship Field Hockey Goal, this heavy-duty wheel is encased in puncture proof micro-cellular polyurethane with diamond cut tread. This strong outer casing protects the 10 inch (260mm) diameter black polypropylene wheel from UV rays as well as punctures. The versatility of our puncture proof wheel makes it the best replacement wheel for premium goals.

  • Replacement heavy-duty puncture proof wheel for the FIH FORZA Championship Field Hockey Goal.
  • Wheel is manufactured from polyproylene with a micro-cellular polyurethane outer casing. 
  • UV stabilised for protection against the sun. 
  • Wheels are 10 inches (260mm) in diameter and 3½ inches (85mm) wide. 
  • Extra wide wheel has a deep cut diamond tread to prevent sinking into muddy surfaces. 
  • Greased internal bearings guarantee smooth rotations and can hold loads of up to 485lbs (220kg).
  • Single wheel only. 

The durable replacement field hockey goal wheel is capable of preforming in all weather conditions. To ensure your goal does not sink on a muddy field hockey pitch the wheel has a diamond cut tread pattern. This design grips onto wet pitches and allows you to roll away field hockey goals after matches and training sessions. The black rubber wheel is also UV stabilised to ensure the sun's rays will not degrade this puncture proof wheel. 

Designed for durability this replacement rubber wheel is constructed from tough polyproylene which is covered by puncture proof micro-cellular polyurethane. Greased internal bearings keep this extra wide 3½ inch (85mm) thick field hockey goal wheel spinning smoothly, allowing you to move heavy-duty field hockey goals with ease. 

This incredibly resilient 10 inch (260mm) universal wheel is the perfect replacement for the FIH FORZA Championship Field Hockey Goal. The versatile rubber wheel can be used to replace wheelbarrow wheels, sacktrack wheels and heavy load wheels with a capacity load of up to 485lbs (220kg).