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FORZA Hockey Target Sheet - 6 x 4

Improve puck shooting accuracy with this hockey goal target. Essential training equipment for players and coaches of all ability levels. Features elastic bungee cords for secure attachment to all regulation size hockey goals. 6ft x 4ft sheet made from vinyl tarp with 5 holes to aim for. Can be used with a ball or a puck.

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  • 6ft x 4ft (1.8m x 1.2m)


  • Made from vinyl tarp
  • Multi-hole sheet with 5 holes to aim for
  • Reinforced seams for enhanced strength


  • Suitable for regulation hockey goals
  • Comes with elastic bungee cords to attach to the goal
  • Can be used with a ball or a puck
  • Ideal for all ages and all ability levels
Get Rink Ready With This High Quality Hockey Goal Shooting Target

Practice the art of sending the puck beyond the goalie with this target trainer for hockey goals. Suitable for long range centre ice target practice, as well as shots from nearer the attacking zone, this innovative hockey shooting target can be used by players of all ability levels looking to increase their efficiency with stick in hand. Designed with 5 shooting zones to aim for, this multi-hole hockey target practice sheet is the ideal aid for forward training drills, isolating the goal's 4 corners, as well as between the goaltender’s legs, to provide the definitive hockey accuracy training experience.

  • 6ft x 4ft (1.8m x 1.2m) hockey goal target sheet which can be used on any regulation size goal
  • Sheet is made from a highly durable vinyl tarp with reinforced seams for enhanced levels of strength
  • The 5 holes of the sheet provide effective shooting zones to aim for, replicating real match conditions
  • For quick, easy and secure attachment to goals, the target sheet comes equipped with elastic bungee cords
  • Suitable for hockey practice sessions at all levels with either a puck or a ball

At 6 x 4, the hockey practice sheet is suitable for attachment to all full-size goals during coaching sessions. The regulation sized accuracy trainer is the best way to improve hockey shooting technique, offering a realistic and effective match preparation which can be applied to competitive game scenarios. Made from high-strength vinyl tarp, the hockey training sheet has reinforced seams which further increases the longevity of the puck shooting target, allowing it to be used consistently without becoming torn or damaged.

Perfect for forward training sessions on the rink, the hockey target goal sheet attaches quickly and securely thanks to the included elastic bungee cords. These convenient target sheet connectors wrap around the goal posts in a stiff and sturdy manner, ensuring that the sheet will be unmoved when struck by the puck. The ideal piece of on-ice practice equipment for juniors and seniors alike, this hockey offensive shot trainer can be used with a ball as well as a puck.

PLEASE NOTE – This hockey target sheet can be used with the FORZA Regulation Hockey Goal & Net. To view this regulation sized hockey goal, please click here.