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FORTRESS Trapezoid Batting Cage Connector Kit

Top of the range batting cage corner connectors for trapezoid style setups. Combination of four-way and three-way fittings in galvanized steel to prevent rust.

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  • Outer Diameter of trapezoid tube - 32mm
  • Inner Diameter of tube connector - 36mm
  • Outer Diameter of tub connector - 38mm
  • Full Connector Kit to Build Your Own Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage

    The Fortress Trapezoid Batting Cage Connector Kit is the essential package needed to create the ultimate batting cage. Whether you’re building a cage from scratch or upgrading your current set up, these connectors are the best heavy-duty fittings you’ll find.

      • Made from galvanized steel welded together on every edge
      • Packs of connectors for 35ft, 55ft and 70ft batting cages
      • Includes tightening screws for easy construction – no tools required
      • Can be used as replacement for an existing batting cage
      • Weatherproof composition

    Baseball batting cages go through vigorous use and our connectors are built to handle the speed and strength of every talented player. Manufactured from robust steel that has been welded together on every edge to give you the strongest and most solid joints. The galvanized steel exterior of each connector is completely weatherproof, meaning that you’re guaranteed year-round use and long-lasting durability. 

    Net World Sports have everything you need to create a baseball batting cage designed to meet your exact requirements. Use our professional standard batting cage nets and poles to complete your project, as well as L-screens, pitching machines and durable all-weather hitting mats for the ultimate baseball package.