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FORB Ultra All Turf Winter Golf Mat [5ft x 5ft]

Replicate the fairway with this professional FORB Winter Golf Hitting Mat. Artificial turf will deliver an elite performance in all conditions & can be used with wooden tees. Anti-Skid Rubber Base & detachable Golf Ball Tray available as optional extras (see below).

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5ft x 5ft Versatile Winter Golf Mat Suitable For All

FORB Ultra All Turf Golf Mat Specifications


  • Golf Hitting Mat: 5ft x 5ft | 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Golf Hitting Mat Thickness: 45mm (without rubber base)
  • Rubber Base (OPTIONAL): 5.1ft x 5.1ft | 1.6m x 1.6m
  • Golf Ball Holder Tray (OPTIONAL): 4ft x 1ft x 0.3ft | 1.2m x 0.3m x 0.1m


  • Golf Mat: 35mm artificial turf – will replicate fairway characteristics
  • Golf Mat features a 10mm EVA Foam rubber base for use on bumpy playing surfaces
  • Base (OPTIONAL): heavy-duty rubber (anti-skid) with holes for water drainage
  • Golf Ball Tray (OPTIONAL): ultra-durable rubber


  • Dense artificial turf design allows wooden golf tees to be used anywhere on the hitting mat
  • Driving Range Mat is 100% weatherproof & suitable for year-round use (indoors & outdoors)
  • Anti-Skid Rubber Base & Golf Ball Tray Holder available as OPTIONAL EXTRAS (select above)
The Ultimate Winter-Ready Golf Fairway Hitting Mat 

Create a clean and concise winter teeing area by installing this winter-ready golf fairway hitting mat. Designed to replicate a closely mown fairway without being overly thick and dense, this versatile Ultra All Turf Winter Golf Mat provides you with accurate shot feedback to guarantee the productivity of each training session. The artificial surface mimics the texture of a winter fairway to ensure that you receive realistic results that develop your overall performance. With a 35mm thick turf that allows you to easily place tees anywhere on the mat, you’ll be able to develop a variety of shots in indoor and outdoor environments.  

  • Ultra All Turf Winter Golf Mat [5ft x 5ft] – Ideal for golf clubs, driving ranges & home use
  • Hitting mat features 35mm artificial turf to replicate fairway playing characteristics
  • Golf mat is suitable for use in all weather conditions & can be used with wooden tees
  • Premium EVA foam rubber base (10mm thick) allows for use on bumpy playing surfaces
  • Practice Mat can be used indoors & outdoors guaranteeing supreme durability
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Anti-Skid Rubber Base – for exceptional stability under foot
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Heavy-Duty Rubber Golf Ball Tray Holder – holds a high-capacity of balls

While golf season may seem short lived, the Ultra All Turf Winter Golf Mat provides a genuine grass-like surface that can facilitate practice sessions in any chosen location. With an overall playing area of 5ft x 5ft, this is a comfortable and spacious mat ideal for home and driving range use. The cushioned 10mm foam EVA rubber base guarantees that you’ll be able to practice your chip and drive shots all year round while actively protecting grass and indoor surfaces.

Club head bounce can be a distracting and frustrating unwanted feature of any golf mat, but with this tee line Golf Mat it is effectively reduced to ensure that each shot is as genuine as possible. As the mat sits perfectly flush to the ground your shots will remain consistent so you can further advance your performance. Manufactured to produce feedback that replicates real grass, this versatile training aid can help you to develop your handicap or temporarily replace water logged winter teeing grounds.

This high-quality robust golf mat negates the needs for rubber tees, allowing you to simply place your tee anywhere on the mat and practice a range of diverse shots. Created to endure intense and strenuous use, this is a golf mat made to last.