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FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat

FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat manufactured from 12mm grass polyethylene and 40mm grass polyethylene and polypropylene curl. Putting mat is 12ft long x 3.2ft wide.

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Roll Down Professional Golf Putting Mat For Indoor And Outdoor Use

  • Indoor Putting Mat | Golf Training Equipment

    12ft x 3.2ft Putting Green

    You can use this professional golf putting mat to improve your long and short putts thanks its two holes, which are positioned at the end of this 12ft long green. Each hole has its own mini flag to ensure you can always see the mats holes. 

  • Ultra-Durable Putting Mat | 12ft/3.7m

    Premium Materials

    The putting surface of this golf mat is manufactured from high-quality 12mm polyethylene. This artificial grass perfectly replicates the performance of a premium golf course ensuring your practice sessions resulting in improved.

  • Roll Down Golf Putting Mat

    Roll Down Putting Mats

    To ensure this putting mat is incredibly easy to store it is constructed from 12mm polyethylene and 40mm polyethylene and polypropylene curl. These ultra-durable materials will not become damaged when the mat is rolled away for storage.


Indoor Golf Putting Mat Manufactured From A Premium Blend of 12mm And 40mm Polyethylene

The ideal way to improve your putting technique from the comfort of your own home, this FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat is designed to simulate the feel of all premium golf course greens. The indoor mat features a smooth short grass section, which is manufactured from 12mm polyethylene. This high-quality material ensures your golf balls consistently glide across your home putting mat, helping you to achieve the perfect putting technique. Surrounding the mats artificial green is a rough 40mm polyethylene and polypropylene border. This rough border prevents your golf balls falling off the mat, in turn protecting your tiled floors from potential damage.

  • The FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat measures 12ft x 3.2ft (length x width)
  • Smooth putting green surface is manufactured from 12mm polyethylene
  • Rough border is made from 40mm grass polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Indoor golf putting mat can be rolled away for storage
  • Each putting hole is supplied with a mini plastic flag to provide a high-visibility target
  • Weight: 35lb (16kg)

Specifically tailored to help you practice your long-distance putts, the FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat measures an impressive 12ft in length. The large size of the mat ensures you can always provide the right amount of finesse to your golf swing, resulting in improved results throughout a competitive round of 18 holes. Two mini flags are provided to increase the visibility of the putting mats holes. These plastic flags will help to recreate the exact look and feel of a standard green, guaranteeing your practice sessions replicate a traditional golf course.

Weighing just 35lb, this mat is incredibly easy to transport, while the roll away nature of the indoor putting green ensures it will take up minimal storage space in your garage or shed.


FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat Specifications


  • Length x width: 12ft x 3.2ft


  • Putting surface: 12mm polyethylene
  • Rough section: 40mm polypropylene and polyethylene curl


  • Each hole has its own mini flag for increased visibility
  • Suitable for all flat surfaces
  • Weight: 35lb (16lb)
  • Rolls away for storage
  • Store indoors

Please note: Golf balls pictured are not included 



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