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Football Tackle Ring

An essential piece of training equipment to help tackling in game situations. Made from impact resistant foam and covered with an ultra-durable PVC outer cover, this tackle tube is built to keep you players safe for a long time. Features woven handles for portability and manoeuvrability.

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Create Dynamic Tackling Drills With This Football Tackle Wheel


  • Junior (4.5kg): 38cm (15 inches) inner x 84cm (33 inches) outer x 23cm (9 inches) thick
  • Youth (6kg): 41cm (16 inches) inner x 94cm (37 inches) outer x 25cm (10 inches) thick
  • Senior (7kg): 51cm (20 inches) inner x 102cm (40 inches) outer x 25cm (10 inches) thick


  • Outer casing: Easy clean weather and rip proof PVC
  • Insert: multi layered high-density foam
  • Grad handles: Woven canvas


  • Comes in blue and black
  • Circular design facilities a moving target
  • Handles placed on the inner ring can hold a football in a position similar to a real player
  • Low profile of the tubes directs players into correct tackling posture  
Football Tackle Tube – The Most Dynamic Tackle Trainer Around

Ensure your tackling is efficient and successful with this football tackle wheel. This PVC covered, impact foam doughnut allows you and your teammates to practice tackling on moving targets in a safe and controlled manner allowing you to have the best tackling technique possible in games. Comes in junior, youth and senior sizes

  • Dense thick multi-layered foam inserts to protect coaches and players
  • Circular design allows tube to be rolled and are mobile
  • Woven handles on the inner ring to hold football
  • Outer woven handles allow for easy portability and manoeuvrability
  • Manufactured from weather and rip proof PVC outer cover and impact resistant foam

The low height of this tackle tube conditions players to initiate contact at a lower height than normal and therefore increase the successfulness of their tackles whilst maintaining their safety. This contact tube also features a ball holder on the inner ring which simulates a ball carrier in an in-game scenario and therefore can be used to practice strips and fumble recoveries.

To ensure that you and your teammates remain safe throughout practice, this tackle aid features multi-layered impact foam that protects players and evenly distributes the force around the wheel. Crafted from a rip and weatherproof PVC outer cover, this contact ring excels in all weather conditions and does not suffer any loss in performance year after year.