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Flag Football Belt Set [10 Belts & 20 Tags]

Premium quick release flag football belt and flags. Comes in a set of 10 belts and 20 weatherproof PVC flags. Features hook and loop system on belt for easy flag attachment and removal. The best flag football flags for flag football games and other non-contact tag themed games.

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Get The Professional Flag Football Feel With The Flag Football Belt And Tag Set

Set Includes

  • 10 x waist belts
  • 20 x hanging flags


  • Weatherproof PVC flags
  • Belt is manufactured from hook and loop material


  • Flags are available in blue or green
  • PVC flags attach to the belt via hook and loop fasteners
  • Universal sized belt can be adjusted in size
  • Belts are quick and easy to remove
Flag Football Flags And Belts Perfect For Schools And Clubs

Create your own flag football game with these coloured quick release belt and flags. With the set including 10 one-size-fits-all adjustable belts and 20 hook and loop PVC flags, hosting a game of flag football has never been easier. An essential safer, alternative piece of training and matchday equipment to prevent injuries through contact.

  • Flag football set includes 10 one-size-fits-all adjustable belts
  • Belts are manufactured to include quick release hook and loop fastening system
  • Can be used by players of any size, ability and for any sport
  • Set also include 20 easy to attach and remove coloured flags

Suitable for flag football for kids and adult flag football leagues, these quick release belts and flags prove to be a key piece of flag football gear. This flag football kit helps provide a safer alternative to other full contact sports whilst still allowing high intensity fun. The 20 PVC weatherproof tags provided with these flag football belts can be quickly attached and removed thanks to the design of the hook and loop system.

Due to the PVC material used within the belt flags, this flag football equipment can be used whatever the weather and any time of year without suffering from wear or tear. The quick release flags come in a choice of two colours (green or blue) to help officials, coaches and players identify the different teams’ players.