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Electronic Soccer Substitutions Board (Premier League Spec)

Premier League spec electronic soccer substitutions board. 23.5cm high brightness LED display with optimal readability of 100m and 150 degrees wide readability. Polycarbonate drop resistant case with IP56 weather protection. Easy to set membrane keyboard and long battery life. Single or double sided with optional carry bag.

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Professional Quality LED Display Soccer Subs Board

Electronic Soccer Substitutions Board Specifications


  • High visibility ultra-bright LED digits suitable for outdoor use
  • LED digit colors – red for exiting players and green for entering players
  • Height of digits – 23.5cm (9.4”)
  • Readability distance – 100m long, 150 degree wide


  • Sturdy numerical membrane keyboard for easy insertion of numbers
  • Lifespan for each key – minimum of 2 million operations
  • Ability to pre-programme up to 6 substitutions for quick operation


  • Strong polycarbonate case with anti slip grip, built to EN60950-1 crash test regulations
  • Weatherproof case with a protection class of IP56
  • Product weight – 2.75kg (6lbs)
  • Optional carry bag


  • Internal Li-lon rechargeable battery with 1.5 hour (260 displays of 20 seconds) battery life
  • Display of battery level can be viewed via pressing a specific key
  • Automatic off function for battery saving
  • Battery charger provided to correct country voltage and plug type


  • Spaces reserved for sponsor stickers at bottom of subs board – Front area – 48cm x 9cm, back area = 35cm x 9cm
  • Single or double sided variations
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • European CE tested
Premier League Spec Electronic Player Substitution Board For Soccer

Clearly display substitutions and added time with this ultra-visible professional electronic soccer substitution board. Available in single or double-sided variations, the sub board is capable of storing up to 6 pre-programmed substitutions at any time, enhancing the speed of operation by allowing match officials to alter the LED display with a single press of a button. Designed with high brightness LED, the extremely visible soccer substitution board exhibits the shirt number of a departing player in red, and that of the substitute in green.

  • Substitution board with high brightness 23.5cm LED digits for visibility with wide angle readability of 150 degrees and a long-distance of 100m
  • Heavy-duty drop resistant sub boards made with a strong polycarbonate case complying with EN60950-1 regulations for crash tests
  • Programming substitutions is incredibly easy with a sturdy membrane keyboard with provides a minimum of 2 million uses
  • 100% water-resistant LED digital display board with IP56 protection class for consistent outdoor use
  • Internal Li-lon rechargeable battery with a full-charge battery life of 1.5 hours and battery level display
  • Ergonomically designed substitute board with a slim handle, anti-slip grip and meagre weight of 6lbs
  • Single or double-sided substitution board with the option to include a lightweight and convenient carry bag

The professional soccer subs board provides exceptional visibility from one end of the pitch to the other, offering long distance readability up to 100m away with 23.5cm high digits. Spectators at all corners of the stadium will be aware of crucial in-match changes due to the substantial wide-angle readability of 150 degrees. The electronic soccer referee substitution board is comfortable to lift, enhancing the ease of operation of the soccer matchday equipment for pitch side officials.

Heavy-duty in design, the professionally manufactured LED soccer substitution display board is resistant to being dropped on the ground as well as water damage. Featuring a high-strength polycarbonate case, the soccer extra time board adhered to EN60950-1 safety regulations for crash tests, guaranteeing supreme durability and value for money. Perfect for season-wide use, the weatherproof electronic soccer substitution display boasts IP56 protection, allowing it to be used in all weather conditions.

Operating the electronic subs board is a smooth procedure due to the robust numerical membrane keyboard which allows for quick and easy number entry. Located on the rear side of the soccer sub board, the long-lasting keyboard provides a minimum of 2 million uses, making the LED football board a high value investment for all football associations and stadiums. Designed with a sleek ergonomic handle with an anti-slip grip, the premium soccer substitution board is the best way to vividly display live in-match information.

The soccer substitution display board has been made with an internal rechargeable Li-lon battery which offers supreme battery life. When fully charged, the soccer subs boards battery can be used uninterrupted for 1.5 hours, which encompasses approximately 260 displays of 20 seconds each. To further boost the lifespan of the battery, the automatic off function ensures that none of the battery life is wasted while it is also possible to monitor the how much power remains by altering the display with a specific key. Should you require a country-specific electric supply spec, this can be arranged for no extra cost.

PLEASE NOTE - Lead time of this electronic soccer substitution board is 2-3 weeks. There are also spaces reserved for sponsor stickers on each side of the subs board.