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Double Sided Tape for Cricket Mats

Premium quality cricket mat double sided tape. Enables cricket matting to be laid out firmly and tidily to hard surfaces. Available in packs of 1 or 12 ultra-strong tape.

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Ultra Strong Tape For Connecting Cricket Matting To Hard Surfaces


  • Ultra strong fibreglass-reinforced white double-sided cricket matting tape
  • Quantity: 1 roll of tape or 12 rolls of tape


33m (108ft) Length x 50mm (2in) Width x 0.5kg (1lb) Weight

Heavy Duty Cricket Matting Tape For Securely Holding Matting In Place

Strong, fibreglass reinforced double sided tape designed for sticking cricket matting neatly down to hard surfaces. Premium quality and the best on the market.

Highly durable cricket mat double sided tape, ensures the artificial cricket mat is firmly and tidily (without creasing) rooted to hard floor surfaces.

Team up this tape with Net World Sports' Club Spec artificial cricket wicket matting to give your batsmen and bowlers the optimum conditions to perfect their cricket skills.