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5mm Striped Stadium/Box Soccer Nets [3x Color Options]

Finest quality 5mm striped braided box nets for all stadium goals with the back stanchion feature. Nets meet strict FIFA regulations and come in a variety of 3 different colors.

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  • Full size net for 24 x 8 soccer goals
  • Nets have bottom depth of 6ft (1.8m)
  • Mesh of nets meets regulation 5in size


  • 5mm thick braided twine
  • Braided twine is woven in an interlinking fashion to make it even stronger than standard netting


  • Nets only suitable for full size box goals with soccer net support stanchions
  • Quantity – 2 nets (supplied only as a pair)
  • Nets have a 2 year warranty
  • Select the goal net color from the following options – Red/White, Blue/White, Green/White
Elite Standard Striped Stadium Replacement Nets Ideal For Matchdays

Manufactured with a premium standard 5mm twine, these vibrant and fluorescent stadium nets have been created to provide effortless professionalism on the pitch. With blue and white, red and white and green and white options available, this quality net can be utilised by various teams. Designed with a striking stripe design, each net is guaranteed to remain bright and highly visible due to the UV stabilizing technology used. This elite net will also attach perfectly onto all regulation 24 x 8 nets with support stanchions for a premium look.

  • Supplied in red and white, green and white or blue and white color combinations
  • Features a 5mm thick braided twine for exceptional durability
  • A completely weatherproof net with UV and rot resistant characteristics
  • High performance netting that is capable of withstanding each high impact shot
  • Available only as a pair 
  • Suitable for stadium box goals with a back-stanchion feature

The HDPE braided twine material used to produce these premium standard nets feature various characteristics for prolonged strength and endurance. With an interlocking design that provides the net with increased durability against hard hitting shots, this net will last for seasons to come.

The weatherproof nature of the striped stadium box nets ensures that wet or hot weather will not damage the structure of the net. Each two-tone goal accessory features rot and UV resistant technology that protects the net from weather related degradation. This innovative feature allows for year-round use without the worry that the vibrant colors will fade or that the net will fray, rip or easily tear.