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5mm Braided Stadium/Box Soccer Nets [8x Color Options]

Finest quality 5mm braided box nets manufactured to the highest standards meeting FIFA regulations. Nets come in a variety of 8 different colors and are sold as a pair.

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  • Full size net for 24 x 8 soccer goals
  • Nets have bottom depth of 6ft (1.8m)
  • Mesh of nets meets regulation 5in size


  • 5mm thick braided twine
  • Braided twine is woven in an interlinking fashion to make it even stronger than standard netting


  • Nets only suitable for full size box goals with soccer net support stanchions
  • Choose from 8 different net colors
  • Quantity – 2 nets (supplied only as a pair)
  • Nets have a 2 year warranty
  • Nets have been used by such clubs as Everton, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur
High Quality Vibrantly Colored Replacement Nets For Stadium Goals

Proudly display your team colors on the pitch with this exceptionally robust Replacement 5mm Braided Stadium Box Net. With this premium standard net, you’ll be able to create a at home advantage due to the 8 different colors available. Designed to perfectly suit your soccer facilities, the elite HDPE composition of the nets guarantees prolonged durability and resistance against difficult weather.

  • Colors available: Black, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue
  • Guaranteed two-year warranty included
  • 5mm HDPE braided twine net for added durability
  • Supplied as a pair
  • A professional standard net that adheres to FIFA regulation
  • Ideally suited for full size box goals with soccer net support stanchions

Manufactured from a densely compacted 5mm braided twine that offers enhanced protection against rot and UV damage, these replacement nets are ideal for outdoor conditions. Due to the completely weatherproof HDPE materials used during production, the nets have been created with UV stabilizing technology that ensures that sun related degradation is discouraged. This advanced level of damage preservation actively absorbs UV rays to protect the vibrant color of the net which in turn allows for year-round use. For increased resilience during intense games, each replacement net has been made using a braided twine that prevents high impact shots from ripping or tearing the net.

Supplied as a pair, this set of premium and vibrant nets have been produced in a practical and functional manner for improved strength. Despite the luminous color options  available that include green, orange, red, yellow, light and dark blue as well as a classic white and black, these nets have been imbued with high quality characteristics for complete dependability.