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21 x 7 FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Stadium Box Soccer Goal

21ft x 7ft FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Stadium Box Soccer Goal. Aluminum frame with a braided box net kept in shape by a ratchet system and bracing bars. Optional wheels and weights.

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Upgrade Your Set-Up With The Versatile 21 x 7 Stadium Soccer Box Goal

21 x 7 FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Stadium Box Soccer Goal


  • 21ft x 7ft (6.5m x 2.1m)


  • Premium box goal net shape
  • 5mm HDPE braided box stadium goal net
  • Net is tensioned by a unique double ratchet system
  • Extra back bracing bars for enhanced stability
  • Net does not sag in the middle, providing the ultimate goal net

Goal Frame Materials

  • Club spec goal is manufactured from 110mm diameter reinforced aluminum and powder-coated white
  • Aluminum goal frame provides fantastic protection against rust and corrosion
  • Fully weatherproof and highly durable

Optional Extras

  • Heavy duty lever type anti-puncture wheels for easy portability
  • Internal counterbalance weights for enhanced safety measures


  • Goals will be delivered in flat pack form and will require assembly
  • It is advised that the following tools would be useful to help with assembly: mallet, wrenches, ratchet with sockets
  • 1 year guarantee as standard with all FORZA soccer goals
  • Please Note: This goal has been independently tested to BS EN 748 safety standards. To view the video please click here.
  • Goals are independently tested to BS EN 748 safety standards and comply to FA, UEFA and FIFA regulations
  • Goals conform to FA Match standards. Net World Sports is recognised by the FA as a suitable supplier of football goals
Add A Premium Touch To Senior Training And Junior Matchdays With This 21 x 7 Freestanding Box Stadium Soccer Goal

Box soccer goals are an instantly recognisable presence on professional pitches all over the soccer world. With this 21 x 7 freestanding box stadium goal, clubs of all standards can kick off in an environment which is reminiscent of the conditions of a professional clash. Providing unbeatable value to clubs who have both youth and senior sides, this top of the range box goal can be used during training sessions by full size 11 v 11 sides, or as a premium matchday soccer goal for junior and youth teams.

  • Professional soccer box net goal shape which maintains its shape without sagging in the centre
  • The perfect box shape is achieved by the unique double ratchet system and back bracing bars
  • Expertly manufactured from weather-resistant powder coated white 110mm reinforced aluminum
  • Upgrade the goal with heavy-duty lever wheels which allows it to be moved with ease
  • Take extra precautionary measures with the optional internal counterbalance weights

Each top-corner bound strike will even more satisfying as it ripples into the 5mm braided twine box goal net. The premium box shape is maintained from the first whistle through to the last due to the innovative double ratchet and system and back bracing bars, holding its position under the weight of thunderous shots. This consistency and reliability makes the 21 x 7 box stadium soccer goal ideal for regular use, whether it be during junior matches or senior training sessions. Incredibly long-lasting and built to last, this is the best box stadium soccer goal on offer.

Applying the seal of professionalism to training grounds and matchday pitches alike, this soccer stadium goal replicates the goals which play host to top of the table clashes. A downfall of sub-standard box stadium goal nets is that they sag in the middle, undermining the pristine shape as the match goes on. The ratchet system and extra bracing bars ensure that the goal net remains taut and in shape throughout use. Capable of bearing the brunt of hard shots, the weatherproof UV stabilized twine netting can also perform all season long, come rain or shine.

Having been manufactured from the finest 110mm reinforced aluminum, this is a stadium soccer goal that you can trust. The rigmaroles of a typical match won’t damage the premium polyester white powder coated framework, guaranteeing that your 21 x 7 stadium box soccer goal will always escape unscathed from the action. While strengthened by a heavy-duty design, the freestanding box goal is deceptively light in weight as well as being highly versatile. As the goal doesn’t need to be permanently fixed into the ground, it can be applied to matches and training sessions on all surfaces, from hard courts to traditional grass pitches.

The modern innovations made to playing surfaces often means that clubs training and play at a variety of venues. Add the optional lever type wheels to your stadium soccer goal for ultimate portability. The heavy-duty, anti-puncture wheels makes the process of moving the position of your goal incredibly simple, gliding along all surfaces with the greatest of ease. Applying the wheels to the soccer goal means that it can be moved by any member of your team, lifting the goal up to a staggering 100mm off the ground and eliminating any heavy lifting.

Safety is key, and as such this 21 x 7 stadium box soccer goal complies with worldwide match regulations while also passing stringent independent testing to BS EN 748/8462 safety standards. You can never be too safe, however, and as such there is also the option to add internal counterbalance weights to the soccer goal. The weights fill up with sand, water, stone or metal, and have been manufactured to mould to the goals profile. These weights prevent overturning, and slide into the goal with ease. If you’re looking for a premium soccer goal then look no further than the 21 x 7 FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Box Stadium Soccer Goal.