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10ft x 6.5ft FORZA Pro Handball Goal Target Sheet

10ft x 6.5ft professional handball goal target sheet manufactured from lightweight air mesh. Hook and loop fasteners quickly attach to your goals frame. Four target areas are placed in positions with high goal scoring success rates.

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Professional 10ft x 6.5ft Mesh Target Sheet For All Handball Goals

  • Four Target Areas | Handball Target Sheet

    Tactically Placed Targets

    Keepers are known to struggle to reach the corners of goals which is why the four target areas of this sheet are positioned accordingly to improve accuracy.

  • Target Sheet For 3m x 2m | 10ft x 6.5ft

    Wind-Resistant Target Sheets

    Strong winds will not cause this target sheet to bellow outwards thanks to the high-quality wind-resistant air mesh it is manufactured from.

  • Professional Air Mesh Target Sheets

    Quick Attachment

    Hook and loop fasteners and bungee ties keep this target sheet taut and attached to your goal, even when struck by misplaced handballs.


  • 10ft (3m) x 6.5ft (2m) handball target sheets
  • Hook and loop fasteners 3.7 inch (9.5cm)


  • Heavy-duty black air mesh
  • Nylon banded target areas


  • For all regulation 10ft (3m) x 6.5ft (2m) handball goals
  • Air mesh reduces the effect of wind to provide a stable target sheet
  • Hook and loop fasters and bungee tie cords for quick attachment
Wind-Resistant 10ft x 6.5ft Handball Goal Target Sheets For Circle Runners And Wingers

Ideal for professional handball players and aspiring amateurs this high-quality target sheet can be used with all regulation 10ft (3m) x 6.5ft (2m) handball goals to provide a versatile piece of training equipment. With four target areas placed in locations goal keepers are known to struggle to reach, your accuracy and shot conversion rate will see a dramatic increase after training sessions with this handball target sheet.

  • 10ft (3m) x 6.5ft (2m) professional handball target sheet.
  • Made from premium air mesh for optimum performance during strong winds.
  • Target areas are placed in the four corners of handball goals to improve shot conversion.  
  • The target areas are highlighted with fluorescent yellow nylon banding.
  • Secures to goals via 3.7 inch (9.5cm) hook and loop fasteners and bungee ties.

Regardless of the weather conditions this handball target sheet will keep its shape thanks to the premium, wind-resistant air mesh it is manufactured from. This netting stops the target sheet from billowing outwards to ensure your training sessions provide the optimal level of efficiency. Combined with the 3.7 inch (9.5cm) hook and loop fasteners and bungee tie cords for enhanced shape retention, you can rely on this target sheet to stay attached to your goal throughout intense training sessions.

Familiarity breeds success and with the four target areas highlighted by fluorescent yellow nylon banding, you will quickly associate the corners of handball goals with scoring from a range of angles. The four strategically placed target holes allow you to practice a variety of shots including whips, underarm shots and bounced shots to ensure you will always know what to do in front of goal.