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Winter Weather Tarpaulin [Driveway Snow Removal Tarp]

The best tarp for snow removal and protection. Manufactured from 250GSM PVC material, this winter cover effectively shields any surface from hail, sleet and snow. Featuring eight woven easy grab handles, this multi-use cover is easily manoeuvrable and transportable. Fitted with brass eyelets, this winter weather cover can be easily secured to grass surfaces for ultimate winter protection for plants. Available in a variety of different sizes.

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  • Sizes available: 41ft x 13ft, 82fft x 13ft, 82ft x 25ft, 82ft x 39ft and 82ft x 52ft 


  • 250GSM PVC
  • Brass eyelets


  • Jumbo tarps are 100% weather and waterproof
  • Woven grab handles for ease of movement
  • Reinforced border edges
  • Eyelets are placed at 5ft (1.5m) intervals for ground anchors
Winter Tarpaulin That is Perfect for Driveways, Paths & Plants

Fend off the snow, ice and frost with this weatherproof tarpaulin. Ideal for driveway snow removal, this 250GSM PVC cover performs exceptionally in the harshest conditions. Whether it is hail, sleet or snow, this weather cover protects any and all surfaces it covers. Designed for ease of use, the winter cover features woven handles and brass eyelets to quickly position and secure the weather tarpaulin in place.

  • These large tarpaulins are manufactured from 250GSM PVC
  • Snow tarps are water and weatherproof for all-year-round performance
  • Brass eyelets allow you to secure this tarpaulin in position with ground pegs 
  • Eight heavy-duty grab handles for easy transportation
  • Reinforced border edges
  • Sizes available: 41ft x 13ft, 82ft x 13ft, 82ft x 25ft, 82ft x 39ft and 82ft x 52ft 

To ensure that manoeuvrability is maintained, this all-weather protector features eight heavy-duty grab handles attached to the edges. The best snow tarp for driveways, this driveway cover for snow will ensure that any surface is protected against the elements. These handles act as a multipurpose feature as they can also be used as securing point. To make sure that this winter protector is securely affixed to the ground this 250GSM tarpaulin also features brass eyelets that are ideal for pegging the snow protector to grass surfaces.

Designed with versatility in mind, this PVC cover can be used as a winter plant protector, a driveway cover or as a path cover. With a selection of sizes available, you are sure to find the right snow lifting tarp for your needs and requirements.