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Whiteboard Erasers [Pack Of 4]

Pack of 4 whiteboard cleaners ideal for all wipeclean coaching boards. Felt design for exceptional residue removal. 4in x 2in eraser with magnetic strip for attachment to compatible whiteboards.

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Sports Coaching Whiteboard Eraser Specifications


  • Length x width - 4in x 2in (10cm x 5cm)


  • Pack of 4 erasers


  • Magnetic strip which allows for attachment to compatible whiteboards
  • Felt design which helps to leave no residue on the board
  • Effective on dry erasable pens
  • Suitable for glass boards, whiteboards or blackboards

Produced to ensure that tactic boards are left in perfectly clean and in pristine condition, these incredibly convenient Whiteboard Erasers will remove stubborn residue with ease. The dense felt surface of the whiteboard rubber effectively disrupts the ink of dry-erase pens to ensure that residual sediments do not cause streaks or discolouration. As a high-quality piece of equipment ideal for coaches, these whiteboard cleaners are essential for practices and matchdays.

  • The sports coaching board erasers come in a pack of 4 as standard
  • Each eraser is 4in x 2in (10cm x 5cm)
  • Features a magnetic strip which allows for secure attachment to compatible whiteboards
  • Innovatively designed with felt which ensures that no residue is left on the board
  • Provides effective and efficient removal of dry-erase pen markings on glass boards, whiteboards or blackboards

Each high-quality eraser has been designed with an innovative magnetic strip that allows for easy attachment to whiteboards. This useful feature will allow the eraser to be easily stored to quickly and effortlessly resolve mistakes. Supplied in a pack of 4, these erasers remove pen markings to enhance the lifespan of your coaching equipment, to in turn increase the amount of tactical instructions that can be displayed. As well as being the ultimate accompaniment to sports coaching whiteboards, the 4in x 2in whiteboard cleaner can also be used on glass boards and blackboards, making them suitable for use by teachers.