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Vermont Volleyball Court Line Marking Kit

Vermont volleyball court line marking tape made from 2 inch wide ultra-durable polyester. Creates a regulation sized 60ft x 30ft court. Eyelets provide corner indicators and can be anchored with ground pegs.

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Volleyball Court Line Marking Kit Specifications


  • Court size: 60ft x 30ft | 18m x 9m
  • Tape thickness: 2 inches | 5cm


  • Ultra-durable polyester


  • Color: Blue
  • Eyelets provide a clear corner indicator and can be used to anchor tape in place
  • Ground pegs sold separately
Create A Regulation Sized Volleyball Court In Minutes With This High-Quality Weaving Tape

Make sure your volleyball court conforms with official size regulations by marking it out with this high-quality Volleyball Court Line Marking Kit. Designed to provide a clear line guide, this user-friendly kit is made from 2 inch thick blue polyester tape. This durable yet vibrant material will stand out on any surface, guaranteeing your volleyball court will always be accurately marked out.  

  • Creates a 60ft x 30ft regulation size volleyball court
  • Tape is made from 2 inch wide blue polyester
  • Eyelets indicate the four corners of your volleyball court
  • You can also use the eyelets to anchor your tape in place during line marking sessions.

To ensure your Volleyball Court Line Marking Kit can not be blown out of place during heavy winds, eyelets are attached to each of its corners. These hard-wearing eyelets allow you to anchor your court line weaving tape in place, while also doubling up as a clear-cut corner indicator.

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