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Vermont Tyro Badminton Racket

The Vermont Tyro is the perfect badminton racket for schools & entry level players. Made from steel & aluminum, the Tyro is extremely durable. Available in 3 sizes: 21”, 23” & 27”.

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The Vermont Tyro Badminton Racket for Beginners

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    Durable Badminton Rackets

    Recognizing that badminton rackets are going to be vulnerable to the odd scrape from time to time, we created a combination construction, featuring a steel shaft with an aluminum head for exceptional durability.

  • Badminton Racket For Beginners | Vermont Tyro

    Ideal Entry Racket

    Available in three sizes; 21”, 23” & 27”, the Vermont Tyro Badminton Racket is the perfect choice for players starting their badminton journey, no matter what age they are.

  • Badminton Rackets For Vermont ProCourt Mini Sets

    Ultimate Badminton Experience

    The stylish blue and yellow design allows these badminton rackets to match up perfectly with any of our world-class Vermont ProCourt Mini Badminton packages, giving you the ultimate badminton set up.

Vermont Tyro Badminton Racket Specifications

Sizes Available:

  • The Vermont Tyro is available in sizes: 21”, 23” & 27”

Racket Weights:

  • 21": 93g (+/- 5g)
  • 23": 95g (+/- 5g)
  • 27": 105g (+/- 5g)


  • Rackets feature a steel shaft with aluminum head
  • Rackets are extremely durable whilst remaining light-in-weight


  • Rackets feature a blue & yellow design to match the Vermont ProCourt Mini Sets
  • Each badminton racket comes complete with a full racket cover
High-Quality Vermont Tyro Badminton Racket

Perfectly suited to players beginning their badminton journey, the Vermont Tyro Badminton Racket is top-quality, designed to be extremely durable whilst maintaining a high level of performance. Available in 3 different sizes, the Tyro is perfect for youngster developing their fundamental Badminton skills, as they’ll be able to find the perfect sized racket to suit them. Each racket comes complete with a full cover allowing you to keep it in the best condition possible when not being used.

  • The perfect Badminton racket for beginners and school level
  • Available in 3 sizes: 21”, 23” and 27”
  • Racket features a steel shaft with an aluminum head
  • Color: Blue & Yellow (Matching the Vermont ProCourt Mini Sets)
  • Tyro comes with a full racket cover included

Designed to be extremely durable, the Vermont Tyro is manufactured from a combination of steel and aluminum. The shaft is engineered from heavy-duty steel whilst the head features a tough, aluminum make-up. Both of these materials are ideal for junior badminton racket as they possess the necessary strength to cope with the demands of regular badminton whilst remaining lightweight enough for juniors to be comfortably use and perform with.

For the ultimate badminton set-up for juniors, why not add the Tyro to our high-quality Vermont ProCourt Mini Sets, which matches up perfectly thanks to its blue and yellow color scheme.