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Ideal for senior club badminton players, the Vermont Ryusei possesses excellent quality. The 27” badminton racket features Graphite Tech Performance & boasts exceptional durability.

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Take Your Game To New Levels With This Vermont Badminton Racket

Vermont Ryusei Badminton Racket Specifications

Available Racket Sizes:

  • Senior (27”)


  • 89g (+/- 5g)


  • Entire racket frame is constructed using a graphite compound
  • Racket features a unique Graphite Tech Performance
  • Black & Yellow Color Design


  • Racket comes with a full racket cover included
  • INFO: ’Ryusei’ translates to ‘Shooting Star’ which was also the name of a WW2 Japanese Bomber Plane
Created for the world’s best – The Vermont Hiryu Badminton Racket

Purposefully created for senior players at the very top of their game, the 27” Vermont Hiryu Badminton Racket is a world-class addition to any badminton player. The fully graphite construction has been carefully designed with elite players in mind, giving them an exceptional balance of control and finesse with the shuttlecock off the strings. This high-quality performance allows players to fully commit to their strokeplay, guaranteeing them full value for their chosen shots.

  • A racket for players at the very top of their badminton game
  • 27” Senior Badminton Racket
  • Frame is completely manufactured using graphite
  • Features Elite Carbon Construction & Performance
  • Color: Flame Orange, Silver & White
  • Each racket comes with a full racket cover included

The Vermont Hiryu Badminton Racket delivers and maintains its premium performance thanks to its elite carbon construction. The fully graphite racket frame guarantees to consistently deliver an elite carbon performance whilst also possessing world-class durability. This allows the very best players in the world to fully utilize their elite skill level, and really dominate badminton matches from all areas of the court. The Flame Orange, Silver and White color design also ensures this badminton racket looks the part as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Vermont Hiryu Badminton Racket comes with a full-size racket cover included.