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Ultimate Cricket Net

The Ultimate Cricket Net is the perfect choice for a backyard training set-up. Available in 4 sizes, the cricket cage features 40mm galvanized steel poles with a rot-proof 2mm HDPP cricket net. Suitable for year-round use.

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Create A Professional Batting Set-Up With The Ultimate Cricket Net

Ultimate Cricket Net Specifications

Sizes Available:

  • Cricket Net Lengths: 20ft, 32ft, 52ft & 70ft | 6m, 9.8m, 15.8m & 21.3m
  • Cricket Net Width & Height (All Sizes): 9ft H x 10ft W | 2.7m H x 3m W


  • Cricket Poles: 40mm galvanized steel (powder coated)
  • Cricket Net (one-piece): 2mm HDPP with a 48mm knotted mesh (UV stabilized)
  • Guy Cords: PVC coated steel
  • Every component is 100% weatherproof & suitable for year-round use

Poles Per Size:

  • 20ft: 4 Poles
  • 32ft: 6 Poles
  • 52ft: 8 Poles
  • 70ft: 10 Poles


  • Poles feature an 8in steel ground spike for supreme stability
  • Suitable for soft grassy surfaces
  • Poles can be easily dismantled for simple & efficient storage
  • Ultimate Cricket Net comes with a 5-year warranty on the net and 1 year warranty on the posts
  • PLEASE NOTE: Cricket netting is Black NOT Green as shown in pictures
Ultimate Cricket Net – Professional Quality Practice For The Backyard

Guaranteed to turn your backyard into a professional cricket training facility, the Ultimate Cricket Net is a must-have for cricketers wanting to put in those extra hours on the practice field. Consisting of easy-to-assemble metal poles, a one-piece cricket net & a set of guy cords, this high-quality cricket batting net is available in four different lengths; 20ft, 32ft, 52ft & 70ft. Expertly created using the most premium-grade materials available, the Ultimate Cricket Net is able to offer an outstanding performance with supreme durability – playing a major role in your cricket practice for many seasons to come.

  • Ultimate Cricket Net – available in lengths of 20ft, 32ft, 52ft & 70ft (9ft H x 10ft W)
  • Batting Net features multiple 40mm galvanized steel poles with 8in ground spikes
  • Cricket Netting is crafted using 2mm HDPP with a 48mm mesh (UV stabilized)
  • Ultimate Cricket Net is 100% weatherproof & suitable for year-round use
  • For added stability, cricket cage comes with PVC coated steel guy cords included
  • Powder coated steel poles can be dismantled for simple & efficient storage
  • PLEASE NOTE: Cricket Netting is Black NOT Green like shown in pictures

Exclusively designed with professional-quality materials, world-class longevity is always a guarantee – no matter what the conditions. The simple-to-assemble cricket poles are engineered using 40mm galvanized steel which are then powder coated for increased strength. The one-piece cricket net is just as hard-wearing thanks to its 2mm HDPP construction, which features a 48mm knotted mesh, providing exceptional resistance to cricket ball impacts. Best suited to soft, grassy surfaces, the heavy-duty cricket poles come with 8in steel ground spikes attached, whilst the included PVC coated steel guy cords provide exceptional stability during use.

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